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tips for going pro to legend?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Miguel Gonzalez, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. as the title suggest i've been playing the game a while starting easy and working my way up the problem is i cant get the car to take a damn corner with all the assists off. i understand not only brake in a straight line dont accelerate on piano's etc but it seems impossible. even with a good car setup i cant get a smooth acceleration out of a corner. my lap times with TC and ABS are good enough to compete with the legend AI cars but i want to start moving closer to being able to drive with no assists.

    for those of you pro's can you give me some advice?my braking into the corners seems fine its my exit that almost always spins me out. if i take a super conservative approach i can make it out of the corner in a straight line but it costs me an extra couple tenths in every corner which really adds up.
  2. When I bough this gamle I started a complete novice to racing games, by my 4th or 5th race in career I went for no assists and legend ai. Except for the corner racing line in my first season, didn't know the circuits yet. :D

    Just take the plunge, the game's so much more fun without these crutches. It's amazing how much smoother and faster you can be with manual gears, progressive throttle input, etc.

    As far as your corner exits go, don't floor it like you would with TC on, on tight corners with low traction you need to gradually push down the throttel. With enough practice on track you'll soon find the sweet spot for each corner.
  3. You can use custom difficulty, that way you can have legend AI and TC/ABS oc.
  4. thats what ive been sorta doing in my current carreer pro difficulty TC abs on and corner only racing line. id like to try to get away from the assists but going from full to none is a nightmare i feel like i spin out every damn corner lol
  5. And also beside smooth throttle feed in , you always got the option of short shifting with manual gears that also helps control wheelspin