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Tips for braking on F1 2012?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Shane Butler, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. I think braking is a huge factor in producing quick and consistant laptimes on F1 2012, but I'd like some advice on it. I play the PS3 and use no assists with a controller (not bothered with getting a wheel), I also use manual gears, so when braking, I hit L2 and then use the square button to downshift. So when braking for a corner, say the final chicane in Suzuka, how quick should I downshift? I'm trying to find the best way of braking in this game.

    I also have another question. I've heard that trail braking can be used in F1 2012 aswell, so what is trail braking, how do you do it and would it be possible with using a controller? Sorry these questions might seem quite stupid but thanks in advance for any replies!
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  2. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    Break when the marker boards show up. This is telling you to slow down ;)
  3. Ok, first of all: "break" and "brake" are two different things.
    Second: some people just mash the paddles as fast as they can, but that can result in blowing up the engine in the career mode. Don't know about multiplayer though.
    I however try to wait between each downshift, so that the engine on the lower gear doesn't hit the rev limit or (preferably) doesn't go up to the highest revs at all. It may not be the fastest way to drive, but that's me. I hate the sound of the engine screaming in high revs, it feels like it's tearing itself apart... Also, this way I usually get much lower fuel usage than other people, so I can use Mix 3 more.
    As for trail braking: it's simply decelerating WHILE turning into a corner. The prime example is turn 14 in Malaysia - you start turning into it, then start braking but the corner still gets even tighter, so you still need to keep turning in. The trick is doing it gently enough to avoid locking the wheels. I imagine it's pretty hard to do (without ABS) on a gamepad, but then again - the whole game must feel awkward when playing using anything but a steering wheel.
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  4. Damn.. yeah sorry for the typo's! And thanks for your reply :)
  5. Talk about stating the obvious :p

    Ill write a reply when im on the pc shane - probs be later on :)
  6. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    Just trying to help :whistling:
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  7. For me its so natural that its hard to explain how to do it correctly, but I shall try.

    Contrary to popular belief I don't actually think braking as late as possible in the game is necessarily going to make you tons faster (maybe a tenth or 2 per lap if perfect) but more to do with how you take the corner and how fast you exit at.

    When coming upto a corner like the chicane at Suzuka which is a 1st gear corner, the best way to start is to slam all on 100%. I don't know the distance but I think it is about 120m. Then like half a second later you start dropping down the gears (or once you hit around 280-300KPH).

    Now this is not exact as I said I do it naturally, but once down to about 3rd gear you need to start lifting off the break to around 50% pressure then 20% when dropping down to 2nd gear. This is to prevent your wheels from locking. You can often hold that 20% pressure, while dropping down to 1st, to the apex (trail braking) and if you catch the turn in correctly let go of the brakes as you hit the apex and go straight onto the throttle. For this corner its about 30% throttle until you hit the second apex and then full throttle from there on down the straight.

    With the controller its best to use the trigger as I think you can control the pressure (never used a ps3 controller for F1) and if not then your not going to be able to use trail braking effectively.

    I have a video of my league race at Suzuka and you might be able to see what I mean by watching how I brake into that corner.

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  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Thread title changed to please the 'purists' ...... :p

    Give the man a brake ..... break ;)
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  9. Ok, but all that highlighting done by the spell checker is going to brake break my browser... :sneaky:
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  10. hi Shane, nice to see you back. You going to sign up for the next season?
    I use a pad on ps3. I personally use the right analogue stick to turn and the left to brake and accelerate (Takes a bit of time to get used to if you move from pressing buttons), and i use R2 and L2 for gears.
    By using the analogue sticks you can differ the speed and pressure of accelerating and breaking (Although i have heard that you lock up a lot easier on a pad)
    Also, by using L2 to down shift you can just flick the trigger rather than having to tap the square button, which might be a bit quicker for gear shifting.
    Not really any tips about trail breaking or speed of down shifts, more configuration settings. Hope this helps a little. Let me know if you try it and how it goes. :)
  11. Thanks Jonathan for the reply and indeed everyone else. I've never thought about changing the configuration settings. The controls you use on the PS3 seem to be better suited for breaking and downshifting, so I might give it a go, but damn is it going to be difficult to get used to. But I've said that before about changing to no traction control or manual gearbox and I've mastered that pretty quickly, but yeah I definately will give that a try. And no mate I'm not going to be signing up to any leagues yet. I will do when my school year is over :)
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  12. Pay close attention to the heat of the brakes - if they are blue, you are literally going to be stamping on the peddle/pulling the trigger harshly.

    I find that if they are green on the temp display, then I can lightly apply them, not even pushing a quart of the way down.

    Silverstone is quite hard as your brake temps constantly change. E.G. the long back straight to the right hander - I have to literally STAMP on the pedal for a second before easing off and before it locks up....

    I find that if I do all braking before I enter the corner, I can use the gearbox for any extra braking needed.... A good example is Silverstone between Turn's 3 & 5 - No brakes just down shifts.
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  13. Here's a little example of how I brake in China. One track with 3 heavy braking zones and several light.

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  14. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Love the vid Victor, much appreciated and very useful to see :thumbsup:
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  15. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Nice Video Victor. You PC guys really have so many cool tools at your disposal. Some of the console guys could benefit from seeing their own brake and throttle usage i'm sure.
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  16. Thanks for asking but I have not been on the PS3 in ages. First thing I will do when I get back to playing F1 will be some time trial laps with those new settings. :)
  17. ok, fair enough. just wondering.