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Tips For A Novice.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Craig Lefley, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Am new to the game and was wondering if any of the more experienced racers had any good tips for me, Like the best steering wheel to buy I already have one but its a realy cheep one lol, Best way to brake and accelerate around corners, The best tracks to learn on and so forth.
  2. Brake before you turn, unless you're good at trail braking. Which I'm not. I have a Momo wheel. it's not bad, but I'd rather have a G25 I think. Something a bit more sensitive.

    Jump in some of the club races! That's the best place to learn really. Most of us are in the official servers days before the actual race practicing. Also, teamspeak is a good thing to have. I know a few of us get on there before/during races and it makes coaching easier.
  3. I think i will be getting myself a g25 they do have a much better feel then the one i have now(Been on adam vaughans only lives up the road from me), And i will jump in a few club event when i get a better wheel. I only go on two tracks at the moment Brand hatch indy and Monza junior, I think i need to race on more tracks to be honest and learn different types on coners.

    Thanks for the replay mate:victory:.
  4. Well the best thing to do is to sign up for a Racing Club event and then you know what car and track to practice, rather than just practicing for the sake of it.
  5. Thanks for the advice fellas.
  6. I cant tell you what I aint already told ya. Just practice be smooth and evventually brake later learn the best lines, Also watching others is a big help old chum :good:
  7. Something Dave stephenson said to me, best advice by far:

  8. and if you want a good mix of diffrent corners you can allways jump on the nürburgring nordschleife
    that track has anything you need to praccy cuz if you can go around the 22km, you can near go around anything :)
  9. Geez Michael, that's the last track I'd advise anyone new to learn on. :wink2:
    I'd pick a couple of default tracks like Brands Hatch (normal, not the Indy one), Brno, Istanbul, Valencia, and get used to driving those. Just concentrate on learning the track, and the best driving lines, braking points etc. Don't push too hard, concentrate on being smooth and consistent (remember slow in/fast out).
    Most important first priority for on-line racing, don't be too concerned about being super fast or winning, just get used to running on track with other cars around you without contact, the speed is something you will learn and improve with practice and experience. :)
  10. That is SOOO true.

    I started at the beginning of this year drivin online after years of drivin offline and soon noticed that while i could do reasonable pace in offline, i was miles away from the real racing. AI never does the same as real people. Their too consistent, have occasional supergrip and the worst of all, the "rubberband" effect are something that now makes my head ache. They teach you all the wrong things and "unlearning" can be harder than learning.

    You shouldn't be afraid to jump in the club events. Once i started doing those, my lap times have improved more than 8 months of offline-racing. Consistency has a new meaning now. Unlike AI these guys don't brake when they got a good lead.. Plus i got into the proper way of driving, meaning that you learn to drive clean and fast. Like a real gentleman driver. Just read the rules, jump in and you'll be fine. It's also good to check if Open server is on, there you can practice and ask questions more..

    You can get some good practice in the public servers but only if you're lucky. In there not all the people are good drivers even thou they can be fast. Wrecking, pushing and all around bad behaviour is not a good thing to learn. But sometimes those are fair, sometimes....

    At this point i have say BIG THANK YOU for RD community. These few months have been a thrill and i have got a lot of help in various fields.

    PS: Check out from time to time if there's a new lesson coming in the Warren Dawes Friendly Development League.. After the last lesson i got such a boost that i couldn't believe it at first.. It's like suddenly you have 20% more HP and grip..
  11. hmm maybe you are rigth there :) its probaly a more advanced praccy ground :) but you cant never start to early learning the Green Hell :laugh2:
  12. Well when I started off I immediately started racing online. I've never enjoyed racing on my own so I didn't get into any bad habits with the AI. But really, since January, I've just kept practising, on the way you'll meet people who will help you. Max-Yvan Liegrace is the guy that has really really helped me get good at close racing (thanks for that :D) and other people have dropped tips along the way.

    But really, I just suggest you just race, you will pick up bits as you go along, I learnt a lot of what I know, like trail braking, just from following the guy infront of me one race. I was wondering how he was braking so late and noticed he was still braking when he got to the apex, so I tried it in the next practice session - and crashed. Kept going at it untill I thought about it properly and realized you have to release the brake slowly as you into the corner.

    So anyway, what I'm saying is, just race and make sure you enjoy doing it, it's not about the results. I've given up the lead in a race online once because I wanted to have a fun race with the other person, and a fun race I did have ;).

  13. Joux Plane? :rotfl: