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Tips for 1st corner in melbourne please?

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by ManuDFGT, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Hi, I've just registered in the forum but I've been reading it for a long time. I'm from Argentina, I play the F1 Codemasters series since 2012 but this is my first year with the Logitech DFGT

    So now I'm getting used to the break peddal which is very tricky in the game as you know

    The thing is I'm struggling with the first corner in melbourne, I've seen videos and everybody breaks at the 100 mark and turn in in 4th gear but i find it impossible to achieve. I always end up in the grass if I don't break like 10 meters earlier.

    If you have any advice for this problem or for breaking, gears and cornerspeed in general I will be very grateful

  2. mmh... brake with balanced bias

    exactly here Immagine.jpg
  3. Welcome to the forums Manu.

    Although I play using Xbox 360 controller, the controllers should respond the same while racing so...

    For me, what you said is more or less correct - brake around the 100m board and take the apex in 4th gear. However, I would never brake on the board itself as that seems just a little too late causing a missed apex. I'm not saying you will run wide, but the chances go up massively compared to if braking 2 or 3 meters earlier. Although fast in fast out is best, slow in fast out may be required on such a precise corner as turn 1. Obviously if you have DRS active down the pit straight you'll need to brake even earlier. Once at the braking point, slam on the brakes 100% and quickly downshift while leaving the car going straight until you get to 5th gear, the start to turn in rather hard (as you're still going fast) and also start to reduce the braking amount until you're at the apex with full steering lock and as much brake as you can leave on while not causing the car to lock up. Then just immediately get back on full throttle while steering into turn 2. Also note that the apex for turn 1 isn't necessarily the middle of turn 1, although it's the sharpest point and it's what you're aiming for, as the following corner opens out you can treat the apex as being say 70% into turn 1.

    Don't forget that other people may well be using custom car setups that improve braking and turning abilities. If you're unsure how to setup the car then pehaps use the higher downforce presets to get you better stability (at the cost of top speed).

    That's how I see it anyway.
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  4. Thank you, I will try that way
  5. What a fantastically wrote out reply. Virtual Beer Tokens for you!
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  6. 4th gear, turn it in early, back on the throttle after the apex.