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Timing gate issue (rFactor)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by MaxAttack, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. I am having trouble with a tracks timing gates. The problem is, its only gives a lap time on 2 laps not on each lap.
    I have changed the gates around and used different settings to place them and still only times every 2 laps?
    Can somebody suggest where I'm going wrong. I've not had this problem before.



  2. time gates , xfinish needs to be over the start/finish line and inside the pits, if not they will miss reported the laps.like your getting,reports every two laps.also check the pit in/out arent inside the main race track position.
  3. To make a lap count, you need to pass through xfinish (starts the timer) then checkpoint1 and checkpoint2 and back past xfinish ( stops the timer for that lap then restarts it for the next lap).
    Is it a circuit or an A to B? If it's an A to B you need an extra set of xfinish and both checkpoints, ie,
    |garage| _ |cp1001| _ |cp2002| _ (startline)+|xfinish1001| _ |cp1| _ |cp2| _ | xfinish|
  4. Loop or Point to Point?

    I suggest turning on visibility for the timing planes use the HUD to make sure the collision is being detected.
  5. Thanks Banger, mianiak and lordpantsington. :peace:

    Mianiak, it was the checkpoints. I had checkpoint 2 before checkpoint 1. Now it works perfectly.


    I should of mentioned it was a loop track too BTW.

    Should be done in the next 24h. I will post it here on RD.
    Cheers guys.