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Times not recording on Time Trial

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mark Tustain, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know why my times aren't being recorded or even counting when I do a time trial? It started happening at Budapest so I went on to Spa and it was fine at first and now it's doing the same thing.

    The ghost is on and, when I cross the line there is no time counting, all the sectors are red even though I'm in front of the ghost and I've had no corner cutting or invalidated laps.. Really annoying!
  2. If you cut corners at the end of the lap it'll invalidate your next lap. Doesn't sound like your problem but I thought I'd bring it up. It's quite hard to cut the final corner at Budapest so this doesn't sound likely...

    What platform?
  3. yeah ive had the same problem on the ps3.
  4. Yeah i'm not cutting the corners at all, also i've noticed when i hit the sector marks it's saying i'm + whatever my lap time so when i cross the finish line it says I'm +1:30.675 or whatever it is.
  5. Graeme do you know how to fix it? It seems to me like the Ghost car is corrupt because thats what it's comparing to and is the only thing being recalled all the time. If it was anything else it would surely be reset when you quit and go back in!