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Time Trials: Suzuka, Japan

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by James Chant, Oct 8, 2011.

    Track maps courtesy of FIA website

    Welcome to round 2 of RD F1 2011 Time Trials.

    Andrew Bortz was the winner last time out - so we are using the track of his choice - Suzuka, Japan.

    Slightly different format this season - every two weeks a new track will be decided.
    This season, you must post both a wet and dry time for each circuit. (wet lost interest on it's own last season)
    The winner will be determined by the average lap time of wet and dry combined.
    The winner of each event gets to choose the next circuit.

    You must not use any assists while setting your time.
    For your time to be accepted, you must post a screenshot (PC) or photo (PS3, 360) of the leaderboard showing your lap time.
    (this helps us verify no assists). This must be embedded in the forum post, no links (takes longer to check) We will not accept videos, for this same reason. Do not upload pictures to the forum, use flickr, photobucket etc.
    Please also update your forum profile to include your gamertag.
    When you post you time, please mention your platform, PC, PS3, 360.

    Have fun, competition closes on 21st October, 9pm GMT.
  2. I will get the ball rolling:
  3. Here's some quick attempts from me -


    I would love to see Piets 1.08 lap :D
  4. Hmmm 1.08 , yeah right haha
  5. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley
    Premium Member

    Engage Warp Drive
  6. having a major issue. my ps3 wont save my best lap time, update my ghost, or post my best time of the session onto the leaderboard. time stays -:--:--- in the upper right timing display during my TT session. Restarting the PS3 or changing cars, does not solve the problem.
  7. PC times


    Meh just giving it a try. No Kerbs were cut just kept it clean unlike space warpers.



    couldt of knocked off 2 or 3 tenths on the wet but i slightly lost rear grip at turn 7. Yes i know my key is visible, but is not the first time being displayed to the public since its already redeemed :p
  8. Is the setup for 11/11 allowed, because it's like cheating for me?
  9. Yep and no it's not not considered cheating in this competition - its a level playing field as anybody can use whatever setup - the grip is very unrealistic in TT anyway.

    The only restrictions are no assists.
  10. Just a reminder to all that the competition ends on Friday.

    Let's get some more times posted here!
  11. Will have a go at it in a bit. Is it alright if I take a picture of the screen with my phone? Don't have a capture device for my 360.

    Edit: Got a few good laps in Suzuka in the dry. I'll post both of my lap times tomorrow as I still need some work in the wet, can't get any grip at all out of the slow corners with traction control off.
  12. Quoting the rules in post 1...

  13. I could be coming second at this rate! :D :D
  14. how do i add my gfwl to my profile im such a noob
  15. Whoops, not sure how I missed that. I look like a fool now, lol. Will post my times in a bit, just going to get one more run in and see if I can improve my wet time.
  16. At the top of the page, click Settings, on the user control panel under My Settings header on the left side, click Edit Profile.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the fields to enter PS3 / xbox / PC gamertags.

    Edit: Or click the links above...!
  17. Right, here it is.

    I could've tried to improve my Wet time some more but I just did not have the patience to figure it out. Raced on Xbox.
  18. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Ill see about getting a lap in, completely been focused on other things.
  19. Platform:360

  20. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Mine are here[​IMG][​IMG]All done with just one eye!