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Time Trials pt2, #20 - Melbourne, Australia (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Chant, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. James Chant

    James Chant


    Welcome back after the mid-season break!

    This week's circuit, to tie in with the Australian GP, is of course Melbourne, and the conditions are Dry!

    Closing date for entries is Sunday 27th March 6.00 am GMT (race start time)

    A reminder of the rules:

    No assists are allowed.
    Custom setups are allowed.
    A screenshot (PC) or photo (PS3/XBOX) of the leaderboard showing your time must be uploaded to the forum for verification.

    Have fun!

    Track map courtesy of FIA website
  3. This ties in very well with the RD F1 2010 championship too. I'll give it a bash :D
  4. Reminds me of the virgin competition aswell.... If time allows might give it a shot aswell
  5. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Is turn 9 meant to be taken in fourth?????

    Im still learning this circuit, i have noticed that taking turn 1 in 4th makes a big difference but that all i have really learned thus far, not much to show for 3 hours of practice.
  6. In TT turn One in 4th should work, in the race i doubt it....
  7. I take turn 1 in 5th gear in TT and 4th in race and turn 9 I take 4th in TT and 3rd in race
  8. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Thanks Viktor
  9. I haven't taken part in this competition in ages!

    1:21.762 is my best after day one, but I'm using the default setup. Disappointed to be back in the 80s on the leaderboard, hope I can improve by tweaking the setup (or stealing someone elses :D).
  10. i managed 1:25


  11. Well done! I think we can call that the official no assists record, giving speed1267 the benefit of the doubt. :)
  12. speed1267 is a cheater :)
  13. are you sure grifiske?
    I once was in a race with him ..... he plays with assists on.... and even before the race he was very annoying... was already calling everybody a loser even before the start, like singing : " you are all a bunch of losers...nana.... nanan......"
    Then I said : " wel OK maybe, but everybody online knows you are a big cheater...." , then he was very angry... maybe I did hit a sensitive spot there?
  14. yes Im sure, When I raced with him online Sao Paulo about 4? months ago, he said I was a cheater cause I did 1:05.5xx(all sims off, lol) when he did 1:06.xxx, next day I checked the leaderboard, he did 1:04.0xx and then I looked at other tracks, he did impossible times on almost all of them. For an example, silverstone dry 1:23.4xx, not possible in any way, the world record on PS3 is low 1:23.9xx and I have high 1:23.9xx with many cuts:) But I had already tried my best time with no cuts and that was 1:24.2xx so I did want to set a 23:9xx so I cut as much as I could :) And my Korea time(1:31.577) wr on all platforms and he did 1:30.6xx and I raced his ghost and he was way after me in the start and then in the middle of the lap he suddenly acclerated very fast and he was way faster than me.. :)
  15. did a 1.22.586 in a virgin GP mode with sims off. (silly virgin competition folk still dont get that everyone is running sims off in gp mode which kinda makes it TT anyway lol).

    guys doing 1.21.1 too though, that's faster than my redbull TT time! ...Grisfiske are you secretly participating ? :D Does that sound possible to you in a virgin in GP mode w no sims?

    here's my time for TT, granted didn't do a lot of laps in TT but been pounding 'em in the virgin
  16. very nice red bull time Steve! I just improved my time abit, 1:19.552 by changing the 8/1 aero to 11/1 as I did in wet in dry aswell. I can try virgin too later with no sims and see what I get :))

    wait Steve: Is there someone that do 1:21.1 in virgin ?

    The HUGE advantage you get in this track when use 11/1 aero is that you can take turn 11 and 12 in 7th gear with full throttle!
  17. as u have to show a pic for verification: [​IMG]
  18. yea someone said he did 1.21.1 in a virgin in GP mode but with fuel and tire sim not activated. I guess it's possible, since i'm 2 seconds off your time in TT, guess someone can be 1.5 secs faster than me in this comp too :)

    you should totally participate, would probably win it. First prize is visit of the virgin factory.

    It's for a competition organised by virgin racing, they force you to use GP mode but don't want to listen to me when i tell them everyone just turns the sims off so car handles just like TT, except for the track being a tas less grippy and AI cars getting in the way lol.
  19. oo nice! I will def participate then!! :D Just a qeustion: Is T-cam allowed or cockpit only? Not that I like Tcam but to really get the best time possible T-cam is to prefer :p

    LOL, so u have to set the time with 24 cars?? LOL, and it is melbourne I should set the time at?