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Time Trial Week #2 Monte Carlo, Monaco (Wet)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. 6dquty.jpg

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to time trial week this is basically people will drive lap times on designated tracks and post their times here. Also if you could provide some kind of proof say photo or for 360 and PS3 users just leave a gamertag/PS3 ID so one of our staff can just verify these times are not false.

    This weeks track is Monte Carlo (Wet)

    So basically you can put in as many laps as possible and your best can be posted here:

    The closing day for this thread and results for times will be next friday at 9pm (UK Time)

    Cheers Peeps and enjoy

    - upload your picture to www.tinypic.com (or make a nice video)
    - post your picture here at the forum
    - don't upload pictures directly to the forum
    - take a screenshot with your best time showing or of the ranks
    - no driving aids are allowed
    - mention if you did your time on a PC, xbox or ps3
  2. Thought i would make it a little more interesting for you all this week and put it in the wet enjoy
  3. yahoo...
  4. and in a HRT........

    ..........with slicks
  5. This looks like a disaster lap. I've not done monaco in the wet yet, but it was hard enough in the dry!
  6. Come along Paulus, surely not ... a ma of your calibre? : )
  7. LOl, im gonna give this a go. Sounds like a recipe for disastor though.
  8. Great idea, im going for it :)
  9. lol, first non-crashed lap 1:23:3, what a s***... Hard track and then the wet thing, will try to improve later.
  10. 1.22.615
    No help
    Red Bull

  11. Took a while but managed -

    im Torg22 btw

  12. I tried a couple of laps and did a 115.186 with dry setup (in the wet). I'm uploading it on youtube atm. Maybe, this week I will try again to do a 114. I noticed however that I even forgot to put engine mapping on fast.

    To be honest, I found this track in wet to be very hard! So hard, that I didnt even bother to continue and try a 114, because I had enough of it after 45 minutes.
  13. lol. 1:25. hopeless
  14. Here it is....

    I think it youtube is still processing it.
  15. Pff in wet T-Cam is far way easier than cockpit! I've made 3 seconds less with it but anyways I'll stay in cockpit that's more realistic and try to improve with it.
  16. I don't know if the cockpit is realistic, because the FOV is just not right in this game.
  17. That was an amazing lap Paulus - Brilliant car control!! But must say of all the footage I've seen of the game so far including playing it myself every day, that was the most unrealistic lap yet. There is no way in hell a real F1 car would have half the grip that that car had. But again, brilliant brilliant driving!!!!
  18. You can modify FOV with some mods there are over there, but anyways, cockpit will always be more realistic than T-cam, f1 drivers don't see from that height!

    Anyways your driving is still incredible, and t-cam or not, 1:15 is amazing, so it was the 1:46 of bahrain. Keep driving like that man!
  19. really nice lap paulus excellent that will be hard to match
  20. Dude. 115x...
    You should be banned... : )

    As Dave and PinxO say, superb drive mate.


    who has an awful lot to learn...
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