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Time Trial Week #18 Sepang, Malaysia (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Chant, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to time trial week.

    Post your times for the weekly track competition here

    This weeks track is Sepang, Malaysia (Dry)

    You must upload evidence in the form of a screenshot (PC)/ photo (Ps3/360) of the leaderboard with your gamertag showing. This is because we cannot verify leaderboard results easily over the 3 platforms.

    The leaderboard also shows whether assists are used or not, wheras in game photos of times do not, so will not count.

    So basically you can put in as many laps as possible and your best can be posted here:

    The closing day for this thread and results for times is Monday 7th March at 9pm (UK Time)

    The race settings are as follows

    Dynamic Racing Line: Off
    TCS: Off
    ABS: Off
    Gears: Manual

    I needed to ellaborate on this as there are a few people who are putting up times with aids on and these times will not count.

    Cheers Peeps and enjoy

    - upload your picture to www.tinypic.com (or make a nice video)
    - post your picture here at the forum
    - don't upload pictures directly to the forum
    - take a screenshot with your best time showing or of the ranks
    - no driving aids are allowed
    - mention if you did your time on a PC, xbox or ps3
  2. Funny, I just did this circuit over the last few days in the slowish BMW Sauber and got 1:30.785. I'll see what I can do in McLaren.
  3. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    1:32.125, it's not a quick time, i have issues on a few corners here
  4. 155 DTM!! Good choice of avatar James!!

    umm... yeh.... not done a time.
  5. 1:27.367
  6. 1:29.513 so far, but am aiming for 1:28.xxx.

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  7. Hi guys, second post.

    I've been doing TT almost exclusively since I got my copy of the game, looks like races and multiplayer are not my cup of tea. So I decided to join this week TT. Don't be scared by my presence here, lol, I'm not a very fast driver. Just managed to get under 1:30's and the road is starting to go uphill. I'll see what I can do.

  8. here's my time, took a while but done it :D

  9. I will be posting my lap time tomorow. Is it mandatory to use Mclaren?
  10. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Anything you wanna drive you can drive, Mclaren just tends to be the pace setter.
  11. Then I shall make an other car the real pace setter. :)
  12. Yay, achieved my goal. 1:28.922. If I get no faster (and it's unlikely), then I'm very happy with that anyway. :)

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  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Good job guys.. and welcome to the TT club pateli :)

    I have not had any time to put into the TT this week so far as I have been spending all my track time at Bahrain ready for a race on Saturday. I hope to get some time in on Sunday though so I'll definitely try to post something before the deadline. I have never run here unaided as my last time at the circuit was back in my early days of auto gears, driving line, etc. and I was only in the 1:38's back then. Hopefully I can get well down on that and give James a little run at the low 1:30's ;)
  14. Hi Peter, thanks for the welcome.

    Well, here's my best so far. Looks unlikely that I can improve it.

  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Nice time mate... anyone that gets within two seconds of Viktor or Andrew is doing wel n my book!!
    Good job as well Roman.. would pee my pants if I could get anywhere near that *lol*

    Had my first run this morning and got no better than a 1:34!! Really struggled to get to grips with the layout of this circuit.. hopefully will get a better time later but I am out all day so it might be a struggle.
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Well, had another little session last night but best I could get down to was a low 1:34.. another bad week for me.. I really need to put in a lot of laps before I get my time down and just haven't been able to of late. I am working all day today and out until around 8:30 so no chance to get in any more time for this one. Still I'll post my screenie later on anyway just to confirm my back of the pack position ;)

    What's happened to all my back marking buddies lately!! Seems I am being left to fend for myself at the rear end of the TT tables :s But I'll continue to fly the flag of the slowbies :)
  17. Currently on 1:30.*** Im determind to get into 1:2*.*** before 9pm, but not so determind that I will spend all night doing it!
  18. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Especially with a cut-off time of 9pm ;)

    Good luck on your push for the sub 1:30..... I reckon a 1:32 was about the most I could have expected with more time.
  19. No time to improve my time. It stands at 1:30.947

  20. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Sorry it's a bit late, had problems accessing the site on my phone...