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Time trial times versus carier times

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Mariusr22, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. There is a big... huge difference between Time trial times and the career ones. You can get up to 10s better times in time trial due to different factors.

    Please specify where you obtained your time posted here and for what is the setup for: TT or Career.

    I think a big improovement for the site would be the separation between the career setups and the time trial ones so that this confusion wouldn't be present.
  2. im not so sure about that i was driving my lotus in career and got a 1:26:444 in silverstone with a custom setup and when i tried it on TT because i saw that i would be in the top 10 with that time when i raced the lotus same setup in TT i got a 1:30:966 and i drove round the track just as good as i did in career so im not sure if thats true or not
  3. If you noticed, in career you cant set Throttle pressure on FAST, its set always to normal and you cant change. Only this is already huge handicap and you cant get same times like in time trial... Deppends on your career parameters also, fuel usage, tires usage... Full car of gas never goes so fast like time trial, or car with damaged tires and so...
  4. career mode u can probably set better time, if u change tyres at end of race, the track got better grip ;) in TT there is no better track condition even if u drive 100 laps ;)
  5. Your career car is slow mainly becos the car is under developed(R/D), you will have to stay with that team for 2 sessions to get the car fully developed. The TT cars have all the upgrades which make them faster.
  6. i still dont know if this is true i set faster times in career than i do in TT with a lotus i set a fast time in silverstone and in TT was 7 seconds behind and i drove the track better in TT than i did in career i even tried in the McClaren and was 4 secs behind and drove with the same setup as career