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Time Lost Due to Pit-Stops.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rob Butler, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have a comprehensive guide for how much time is lost when pitting for each track? If so could they please post it, this would be greatly appreciated, in addition a Option/Prime tyre lap time and durability difference would be good too.

    If nobody has the information for all 19 tracks, please post which tracks you do hold such data for, and I will go about creating a full list. This information will help greatly on races 40%+.
  2. I dont have the data, but someone who does might need to know...
    1. Manual pit limiter and box control or auto?
    2. Force India or any other car.... :D
  3. I know it doesn't answer your question, but isn't figuring out stuff like that for yourself part of the game? :)

    I don't think it matters how long pit stops take on each track, because it doesn't vary much between drivers, does it?
  4. Knowing pit stop times is crucial. Being able to judge whether to stay out an extra lap, or pit early, and being aware if you'll be in traffic or not can make or brake a race. Also, if you race 50%+ races a short pit time, like at Montreal could mean a 2/3 stop strategy worthwhile if the option tyres were 2seconds a lap quicker and lasted 7 laps plus.
  5. In online races, I usually start the race in primes, and some laps before my pit I wonder if the gap with the car behind me is enough or should I push harder and take some risk, so I'd like to know the time lost in pit stop.

    In spa for example, I guess that if my chaser is about 15/16 second, we'll be very close at my pit exit.
  6. Exactly, another example is at Bahrain options are 3seconds quicker with my driving style. Pitting two laps before the car ahead could give me a six second advantage, however, I need to know that the tyres will last the 10laps that remain in the race.

    Also you say figuring this out yourself is part of the game, will De Resta go to the race at Melbourne and not research the estimated pitstop time deficit(or the team on his behalf). Or will he go into every race this season and think "this year i'll figure it out so next year I can be competitive". I think we all know the answer.
  7. Some kind of break down analysis of pit timings and advice from the engineer on when to go based on traffic and such would be a very welcome addition to F1 2011. At the moment it is impossible to gauge whether a one or two stop strategy is worthwhile.
  8. its true it's crucial for strategy, however also pointless in many cases because the game stops giving you exact gaps to people once you're about 12 seconds ahead...so you'll still be guessing if you can come out in front after your stop or not...

    if someone's really motivated to find this out out, you could trawl through my career mode vids. practice times were almost always on primes, quali on options. Mind you I didn't always push hard in practice, so results will be a bit skewed. You'll also see how much times pitstops cost me in race (i did mess up some stops in the first few rounds but most others were good.)
  9. A lot of tracks you can work out the distances by using the radar, timing where they are are when you were at that point/how long it takes you to get to certain points, very useful if you haven't used that method.

    Also the people I play with online always tell each other how far we are behind the leader, so times can be worked out with simple arithmetic from this.
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I guess the radar methid depends on how close you are to them... I am usually too far back to be on the same radar *lol*