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Tib bowing out..

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Tiberius, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Hi all.

    After 5 years, my journey with Racer has come to an end.

    I've had some PM's from people who say they've emailed me and got no reply - please don't think that I'm ignoring you, I just don't check my emails much nowadays. By the same token, is the reason for me posting this. I've been getting quite a few messages it seems, any kind of update on anything I've released in the past is highly unlikely to happen now. I just don't have the amount of free time or interest any more, that goes for completing any of my other work too.

    If anyone still has anything which I sent out as beta versions - most of the stuff I was working on was pretty crap - but if you want to improve it and release it for Racer, feel free - all I ask is that the models are locked before you give it to anyone else. I don't mind what you change, if you put your name on the credits, whatever, it's fine by me. If you do, you're on your own, I don't have anything else here to give you (I don't usually bother to back my work up, have lost most of it over time).

    Thanks to all the people who have been around over the past years, finally thanks to Ruud for putting the massive effort into Racer over the past 10 years.

    That's it guys, I'm out. Take care.
  2. Sorry to hear it Bruce.
    All the best with your ventures and hope that sometime down the track you manage to get some time to pick Racer back up.
  3. Take care Tibs. Glad I got to know you.
  4. I have noticed your lack of presence around RD as of late. I figured you might be bowing out. Will be a shame to see you go and you will be missed in the Racer community I'm sure. Would be nice to drive some of your creations that never got finished (like the XJ *cough*)

    Anyways hopefully at a later time you'll return to Racer refreshed and ready to do.... well whatever really. Cheers Bruce.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hey Tiberius, I hope you stick around and that interest :)love:) comes back over time! When the sim racing virus is in your blood it eventually will come back for sure :)

    Take care!!
  6. It´s so sad to hear this, friend.
    Take care and visit us often!
  7. It is sad and happy, maybe you are getting another life times, better than older. I learned much with your work, ma friend. Everybody old in racer is grateful of your effort. But We can complain that our life is too short, and we need do new things, different things. Good luck on your life's road, take care and ride slowly.
  8. I'm sure you will be back... even if it's just to pop in and have a look from time to time :)

    Either way it's been fantastic to have enjoyed your work and innovation with different areas of Racer over the years!

    We'll have to get your X-Type up to the latest specs for the Racer final that will be coming soon and then it can be enjoyed by all properly for years to come :)

    Take it easy!

  9. Sorry to hear you're leaving Bruce. We've had fun though and I'm glad to hear you're getting a life now. LOL :)
    I'll miss your "crappy" releases, they were always nicely done and interesting cars.
    I'm trying to get your metallic shader to work with shadows again, I had it working before the shadows were changed this last time.

    See you again...
    Alex Forbin
  10. Lovely post, I totally agree.
  11. TiberiuS,
    It is with a heavy heart to read the post you posted, but as so many have put on here, I bid you a fond farewell. I enjoyed working with you on a few projects, and enjoyed you contributions for this great sim. I know that in life you meet many people, most are acquaintances, others become lifelong friends. I would like to think that we'll stay in touch. I don't want to say goodbye to your talent and knowledge in regards to Racer. I unfortunately will accept your leaving, and be very thankful for the time spent knowing you.
    Take care in the "RL" and don't forgot us on the "RD" forum- we won't forget you.

    (raises a glass) Cheers! :)
  12. (raises his glass) Cheers! :)
  13. I can say nothing more than what has been posted by others.

    Take care, my friend, you WILL BE MISSED!!!
  14. So sad to read this… You've done so much for Racer's community and you were such a good friend to work with!

    As boomer541 said it, you'll be missed here.

    Hope we'll be in touch through mail…
  15. Bon voyage Bruce,
    All the best wishes for your future. Racer has been a roller coaster the last ten years and I can quite understand the real work dragging you away to bigger and better things.
    If per chance you decide some time in the future to yearn to return then give me a pm and I'll probably have most of what you've release so you can continue where you left off or just drive around with nostalga with your own creations.
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  16. Bruce will be back :D

    Once he starts seeing GT5 bettering videos of cars driving off into the lovely CG sunset, he won't be able to help himself.

    I've often said to myself I'm 'leaving' but I'm still here almost ten years later haha!

  17. Hope you're right, mate! :wink: