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Tracks Thruxton 0.8b

The UK's fastest circuit comes to Assetto Corsa...

  1. James Skinner submitted a new resource:

    Thruxton - The UK's fastest circuit comes to Assetto Corsa...

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  2. Excellent James
  3. kedy89

    Premium Member

    Small bug in our club race tonight, laps were not counted on a few occasions, the laptime kept running after crossing the s/f-line. Not sure what caused it, might have been pitstops.
  4. Thanks for reporting this! I will investigate what's causing it and put out a fix asap.
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  5. Hi all,
    Regarding the above it looks like whilst making a pitstop it's possible to miss the start/finish marker and therefore not register a completed lap. Stupid mistake on my part which is now fixed for next release! In the meantime it should be possible to avoid this bug by keeping left off the concrete apron whilst exiting the pits. I have a couple of other things to fix as well but I'll try to roll this out asap.

  6. Hi James,

    only discovered your beautifully crafted track 2 days ago, and I'm really amazed.
    Thanks so much!
    Since you already seem to have fixed the finish line bug, could you just push whatever you have.
    Would be really great.
    So much fun driving on your track, and it looks just lovely!