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Thrustmaster won't go into nuteral

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Johnny Cass, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hi wee prob with my thrustmaster th8 rs I can't get it to go into neutral. It's just a small prob but if I can fix it would be great.
  2. It seems on the software side you have to select a neutral button but how do you do this through the gear stick.
  3. where is the problem? in paddle, sequential or H shifter?
  4. On the h shift buddy when i select first it stays there second stays there. Always in gear. Sometimes i like to coast in neutral to lose speed. As i said just a wee niggle and would improve immersion.
  5. It seems it is not set properly in the game, I have neutral not assigned, and you?
  6. Yeap it's defiantly unassigned
  7. sorry, i don't know what other to think, manual clutch? no aids?
  8. Ha thanks for the help but i sorted it. i made a profile under t500 thrustmaster instead of g25 and it worked np.