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Thrustmaster TX Servo Base vs T500RS

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SK, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium

    Rather straightforward question...

    Can anyone explain the difference between these two in terms of their technical features?

    I'm only concerned with the motors themselves. I know the TX comes with no peripherals (wheels, pedals etc.).
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  2. You can buy the tx servo base on it's own, or you can configure with any of the compatible wheels/pedals. I have the VG28 leather rim with t4PA pro pedals for instance.
    As far as differences between the two, it's my belief that the tx is the best performing.
    Here's a nice comparison:

    Good luck
  3. The TX (and identical motor T300) uses a brushless motor, compared with the more traditional brushed motor in the T500.

    My comparison testing between my T300 and T500 using iRacing wheelcheck application showed that the T500 is about 25% faster in terms of spin speed. But as that link above explained, you have a lot more damping on the T500 and it does indeed feel slower to react. The higher power motor combined with more damping makes it harder to control cars, and you can definitely hold slides easier on the T300. The T300 is also clearly smoother due to the brushless motor, and probably also due to the better belt mechanism which has lower drag.

    That said, the T500 is more of an "event" to use, since it's more brutal, needs to be worked harder, and the self-aligning torque replication is more powerful meaning less to do when drifting (you almost never need to help the wheel around, whereas the T300 is just about on the edge of needing to be spun manually to initiate a drift - in comparison the G25 needs to be constantly helped when drifting, since it's far too underpowered). This means catching a T500 while drifting takes skill :)

    I prefer my T300 for the low damping, seemingly lower latency and ease of use catching slides. But I know some people would prefer the more brutal and possibly more realistic T500 experience.

    I should point out that the TX/T300 electronics (to support that brushless motor) and power supply is the weak spot and has caused quite a high failure rate. In comparison, the T500's big chunky brushed motor and external power brick is solid and unlikely to give out on you.
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  4. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium

    Fantastic response @Skazz thanks.

    So is the TX motor totally identical to the T300 then? If thats the case I might opt for it in case I decide to use it on PS4.
  5. I've not owned a TX, but all of the pictures of the internals on internet look identical between the TX and T300 and reviews by sites like ISR imply the TX and T300 bases feel identical.

    There are a few differences:
    - TX base is 900 degrees of rotation and has the Kinect (Xbox One) sensor light on top. T300 base is 1080 degrees of rotation and no light.
    - T300 comes with stock pedals as T300RS with the 28cm PS4 rim, T300GTE with the 28cm Ferrari 458GTE rim. Plus you get the T300 base in the Alcantara set with T3PA pedals and 30cm 599EVO alcantara rim. All versions of the T300 support PC and PS3/PS4.
    - TX comes with stock pedals as TX-458Italia set with the 28cm very plastic 458 Italia rim. And you get the TX base in the TX leather set with T3PA pedals and 28cm GT leather rim. All versions of the TX support PC and Xbox One.
    - TX and T300 can both use all rims (this includes the Ferrari F1 rim and all of the others listed above, but rims don't bring console support, the support is in the wheelbase)
    - TX/T300 stock pedals are crap.

    So console support is one thing, but a good bundle is another.
    At the moment in my country you can buy TX-458, T300RS and T300GTE for around €290-300, and the TX-leather and T300-alcantara bundles for €400. Given that the T3PA pedals cost €90-100, the GT-leather rim costs €130 and the Alcantara rim costs €150, those two bundles are a significant price saving if you need the full set (you effectively get a more expensive rim "for free").