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Thrustmaster t500rs or Fanatec csw, bmw rim and csp v2 pedals?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Doug Taylor, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Hey all. Just sold all my stuff and am ready to buy a new wheel. :) I was looking at the Fanatec csw, bmw rim and csp v2 pedals or the Thrustmaster t500rs. The Fanatec stuff looks far superior, but that doesn't always Maen anything. What is your take on it? Thanks all. :)
  2. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    i have had the clubsport wheel with f1 wheel for 6 months now and have had the elite pedals for a year and a bit , the force feedback is great in gsc and assetto corsa ,the only problem i had was in assetto corsa is when i had the ffb gain up to high in game settings ,causing it to over heat , i have turned it back since and had no troubles ,and the ffb is still plenty strong enough ,coming from a g27 this felt verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice , but i cannot compare it with the t500 as i have not tried it
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  3. T500 seems to have better ffb on assetto corsa
    Have tried both to compare the clubsport and T500
    I prefer the T500 but that's just my opinion
    Peddles :confused::confused::confused: on the other hand V2 peddles are real good :)
    Looking at getting the V2 pedals in a couple of months they are awesome really good feed back
    compared to the T500
    Don't get me wrong there.s nothing wrong with the T500 pedals
    Just that when I compared them both
    I personally prefer them
    Oh well that's my two cents worth :rolleyes::rolleyes:
    Assetto Corsa is a good testing ground for them both
    Thanks to Noel who borrowed me the clubsport gear to test:):):)
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  4. Thanks guy's. I did some research and although the Thrustmaster is cheaper i end up ordering the Fanatec csw, bmw wheel and csp v2 pedal setup. I had a Fanatec csr Forza wheel and csr pedals so i hope i notice a big difference! :)
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  5. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    you want regret it doug ,its as smooth as butter
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  6. Thanks Noel. :) I just thought of something though. I now have no wheel and we are about to get some goodies on AC. :(
  7. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    all the more excitement for you , when you get your wheel , i also forgot to mention you can make so many adjustments to this wheel on the fly whilst driving , wheel rotation ect, very handy
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  8. I would go for the T500 and get a basherboards brake mod kit (does the same job of a loadcell) because it is insanely cheaper and the quality is similar.

    EDIT: I just noticed you already bought a new wheel, I hope you'll enjoy it regardless if it's the thrustmaster or fanatec one :)
  9. Np Sergio. That bmw wheel just had to be mine! ;)
  10. not that I doubt your judgement Tony,
    but weird that AC has closed a partnership with Fanatec
    and the T500 feels better
    I know it's a subjective observation from only one person but I expected more from the CSW thant the T500 in AC
  11. Yep that's my thought on the matter :)
    Even Noel who bought the CSW did like the ffb on the T500 over the CSW
    Why is that?
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2014
  12. I surely expect and believe Kunos will not fall to politics and hamper the Thrustmaster wheels due to Fanatec sponsorship.

    I suppose it´s just Fanatec paying to be able to use Assetto Corsa for marketing. No reason to fall for that :).

    What is it with the ffb on the CSW you don´t like?
  13. From my reading, the ThrustMaster has stronger FFB but, the Fanatec CSW has better smoothness and more refined subtle feedback forces. I haven't tried a T500RS but, I did just receive my CSW and love it so far.
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  14. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    sorry tony i have never tried the t 500 , all i can say is the clubsport wheel is still running rock solid after 6 months with heavy use , and is great in assetto corsa , once i got it dialed in
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  15. Might need your expertise soon Noel. :)
  16. How have you been Doug? As far as I know there are chances you might run into troubles with products from either Thrustmaster or Fanatec with both companies going the extra mile for the satisfaction of their respectable customers when something does go wrong. I have seen policies evolve with Fanatec over time where they were actually shipping out a replacement item and then trusting the customer to return the defect item once their replacement arrives. I think there was enough abuse of this trust that Fanatec will not ship out first or cross-ship but still does all it can to keep us happy. The CSW is a very precise wheel much more so than my GT3 rs or G27 as for Thrustmaster I cannot comment good or bad since I have no use with them.
    Also the Formula Rim is my favorite out of the 2 rims available
  17. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    no worries doug , if you want download the program called fanaleds this will give yohttp://www.fanaleds.com/u all the readouts on your wheel rpm speed gears ect , and get acquainted with it
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014

  18. Hello Andrew. Been a while since we spoke. I've been doing ok. How have you been? Fanatec does a wonderful job with their customers. If your willing to go through their procedure you will get your setup fixed. My stuff is on the way and will be here Thursday. :)
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  19. Thanks Noel. I have Fanaleds and was using the program with my csr. I think the new wheel might have a little more that can be done with the program?
  20. I'm using Fanaleds with the CSW and the SLi-M LED's and it works great. Both the LED's on the wheel and the SLi work well together.
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