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Thrustmaster T500RS Motor Upgrade 65W to 85W

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by peat, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. peat

    Premium Member

    After one week intensively testing I would like to share the newest experiment of a hardware upgrade:
    Thrustmaster T500RS Motor Upgrade from 65W to 85W

    If you own this wheel and if you have some technical skills, you could upgrade your wheel to a higher level: less clipping, better car handling - stronger ffb forces.
    More information on <mod-edit: you can share the information here please>
    Anyway you do any upgrades on your own risk. You will lose any guarantee while pimping your wheel....
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  2. Does this work with the T300 as well?
  3. peat

    Premium Member

    This mod does not work with the T300.
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  4. Amazing!
  5. Hiya Peat,
    Could you share with us where you got the motor from and as well as the spec. Thanks!
  6. I think I would be worried about long term effects. If it's still working in a year maybe it would be worth it ... if you current motor wore out.
  7. Please give us details. From what I've read, the stock T500RS is the 2nd most powerful "mainstream" wheel on the market at 5.5 to 6 Nm. Does this motor allow it to output more than the CSW V2's 7.3 Nm? Please share test results :)
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  8. Hello fellow T500Rs owners yes I can answer the 85 watt motor upgrade is an absolute dream I have done well over 20 of these in Australia they have 30 percent more torque and the feel in front brake lock up and rear slide can be felt way earlier and caught easier. Also they do not fade at all.
    I do not fit an extra fan but this could be added quite easily to ease any over heating worries but I have found 6 hrs solid In F1 2015 to not overheat at all. This mod takes the T500Rs well above the Fanatec and similar systems FFB is next best thing to direct drive and they are over twice the price.