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Thrustmaster T300RS woes

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by nikh, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Hello...
    Just took delivery of a T300RS this morning and guess what? It doesn`t work.
    The buttons work just fine, the wheel does it`s spinny thing, but Windows doesn`t recognise it as a wheel, just a gamepad.
    The Games Controller calibration in Windows just shows the basic setup for a gamepad, not the Thrustmaster control panel. I`ve tried the whole uninstall/reinstall drivers business, but nothing. Also, the wheel isn`t recognised by the Thrustmaster updater.
    Any ideas before I return it and go back to trusty old Logitech?
  2. Jeez, another one? I am so glad I got a T500 now. Sorry to hear about it. Take it back. Spend a little extra on a much better product.
  3. Switch it to PS3 mode, like the manual tells you to do for PC use.
  4. (sarcasm meets sarcasm)Yes I did that. I can read.
  5. No sarcasm provided... Your symptoms look a lot like accidentally leaving the wheel in PS4 mode.

    The other standard check: have you tried USB2 ports on the back of your PC, rather than USB3 or unpowered hub or whatever?
  6. Have you tried checking and updating the firmware yet? It should be working on the PC regardless but the latest firmware is always a good start if you're having issues and I agree with Skazz, try a USB 2.0 port or even another port, also make sure you load the drivers before connecting the wheel.