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thrustmaster t300 gte smell

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Baz Cutting, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. hello guys recently got a thrustmaster t300 and quickly noticed a smell coming from the vents,i am wondering if this is normal as its new and needs time for motors and belt to settle in.its not causing any issues so am curious.any feedback from this great community would be grateful
  2. woz9us


    Do the fans come on? That's the main thing I would be concerned about.
  3. can hear fan veri quietly never actually seem to go off which does concern me a wee bit,going to try do the firmware update again and see if that does anything
  4. I'd give it a few days, it could be just some components breaking in unless its a very strong odor. My T500 smells every time I use it after 10 minutes or so, I can clearly smell the motor windings getting hot and giving off an odor and its been fine for well over a year.
  5. thanks for the info mate,its only 3or4 days old so was actually thinking mayb just bedding in.have emailed thrustmaster just incase there is a problem fingers crossed everything is fine.
  6. woz9us


    The fan on my TX comes on after about 10-15 mins of use and don't really turn off until I've finished using it. Fans are your friend with this wheel, trust me.
  7. good news the smell has completely gone,guess it was just a case ov being new and motors bedding in and burning off some machine oil or grease.
  8. Indeed, good news.
  9. well chuffed,its a awesome wheel never fought i would say that about anything other than a fanatec but thrustmaster better than i fought.
  10. Sometimes the wheel doesn't detect it's getting hot and the fan doesn't go to maximum RPM, if you put your hand on top of the casing, feel it's considerably hot and can't hear the fan working (it's not silent at all when it's working hard) unplug the wheel, plug it back on and the fan should start working hard. The firmware seems to be quite buggy unfortunately.