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Thrustmaster Ferrari GT F430 Wireless Cockpit Questions

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Skellignite, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

  2. I wouldnt pay the best part of £200 for something that didnt have either Logitech or Fanatec written on the side of it.

    Id save the extra £50 and head off in that direction.
  3. Nope not compatible with F1 2010 PS3 for sure it might work with PC but i wont take the chance instead buying that crap buy a Logitech G25 or a Driving force GT which is 100 Euro the g25 is a bit more expensive :D
  4. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Yeah, I thought it might be rubbish, but the stand alone idea is good.

    So were talking £215 for a g27 + £110 for the wheel stand pro ...

    Thats not too bad, very tempted, anyone got better mounting ideas?
  5. Well you can get the G27 for £200 pounds direct from Logitech using their 'trade in' scheme. The wheel list price is £250 - 20% discount code = £200.

    Here is the info - http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/349/7016

    Not too sure on a stand solution - I would either make one, or buy a cheap desk to clamp it to.
  6. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Hmmm, thats good, and I have and old wardrobe thats needs butchering, a sort of collapsible contraption that can store under the desk, hmmm
  7. Remove the doors, lay wardrobe on it's back, use one of the doors as a shelf to span the sides and sit in it like a proper cockpit. :D
  8. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Now were talking, with the doors for down force and some red bull stickers on sides, job done :wink:
  9. Haha, Good choice though imo G27 is too expensive for me :) Good luck with your choice and yh use the wardrobe as a cockpit like this:

    |____| Built in a chair and get the door on the outer end and you will have a mount before you do this make something u can put on your pedals and there is your cockpit
  10. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Finally decided, going for the Logitech GT and mount it to my desk when in use, people might think I need carting away if I sit in a wardrobe for too long which would be easy to do if they added wheels to it :tongue:

    G27's are the dogs danglely bits though but would mean saving up for a couple of months, damn, back to the G27 again.

    You know those beds you pull down from the wall, something like this to mount the wheel in :tongue:
  11. If you are planning on playing a lot, you might as well save up a few months for the extra £70!!!! It will be worth it! Gear change paddles not buttons. H pattern gearbox, 3 better quality pedals and a leather wheel.

    I didnt even send Logitech anything in trade-in for the 20% off which makes it £200 direct from them, cheaper than anywhere else online last I checked.

    YOu've waited this long for a wheel, chill and save up the money.
  12. Good Choice mate!
  13. Thrustmaster 430 ffb works just fine with F1 2010, no problem. It´s one of the supported wheels.
    I dont have the cockpit version but it´s the same wheel.
  14. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    If I purchased any other wheel than the G27 then all I would be thinking about is the G27 and what an idiot I am for not waiting, all my logitech stuff works, even the mouse I gave to my auntie in 2006 that I bought in 2004, still going strong.

    Now if I had cleaned my teeth more then the wait would only be 3 weeks, but now its been put back to 5 weeks, which is ok because 2011 comes out about the same time.

    Still need more info though...

    1. Does the FFB make a lot of noise and can it be turned off so I don't keep everyone awake?

    2. Fed up with waiting, how to combat this? (EDIT: and yes I already have been though every G27 vid on youtube)
  15. The DFGT Makes sound
  16. 1. The G27 wheel doesnt make much noise mate. What makes it rattle/vibrate is the 'environmental effects' such as riding the curb - but you can turn these off in the game whilst still having full control over weight and feedback levels.

    I just tested it out with 0% environmental and to be honest my paddle changer clicks are more noisy than the motors!
    Obviously how and what its attached to also make a difference to the overall noise. Ive got a couple layers of corrugated card under mine which absorb things nicely.

    I usually only run a maximum of 20% enviro effects and even then its a pretty smooth vibration compared to having it up silly high like 100%.

    2. Use this spare time to create a time machine, go back and remind yourself to clean your teeth regularly. Then jump to 3 weeks from today and start enjoying your G27.
  17. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Cheers for info Paul, also does the gears unit have to be attached for the rest to work?

    Well, I could paint my wardrobe blue and stick a flashing light on the top and call it the tardis, resulting in getting carted off and sedated for a month, thats the closest to time travel that I can think of without doing a cartman :tongue:
  18. If your budget supports a g27 it definetely supports a small desk [​IMG]or when you use your wardrobe its free! But yeah the small desk is kinda handy, But yeah just saying, If you have enough cash to buy it and you want a good wheel are a dedicated racer then definetely buy the G27 Better Pedals better wheel and a very nice shifter and ofcourse the shifter pedals!
  19. If budget isn't a problem, you could always go for something like this:

  20. @Nicolas Thats cool indeed!