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Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by graffiti8, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Hey!
    I have Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience and i cant find the driver to put on combined pedals.
    Can someone help me?

    Sorry for my bad english.
  2. You can't find driver's for wheel? http://ts.thrustmaster.com/eng/index.php?pg=view_files&gid=1&fid=2&pid=245&cid=1
    Or you can't set combined pedals in wheel settings? When you connect your wheel, on Win7 go to Start-> Devices and Printers -> right click on your wheel -> Game controller settings -> Properties. There you have pedal axis mode at bottom of the window(combined and separate).
    Hope this helps.
  3. I can't set combined pedals in wheel settings. I will try it and give feedback.
  4. I founded this. When i hold both gear up and down putton and press all the D-pad and realase all the LED start to blink (i mean goes red and then turn out and again and again)
  5. 3rd window "FGT Rumble 3-in-1 properties", I have it with name "Thrustmaster Control Panel" and it looks different then on your screen.:unsure: Are you sure you installed manually all drivers? Also have you checked position off red switch, on wheel base?
  6. I am not sure that i installed manually all drivers
    Can you show me the right way to install drivers?
    But yeah my switch is on PC
  7. Dude i tryed and tryed and i got it :D
    no problem any more
  8. YEY.png
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  9. Sorry, have been offline until now. Glad to see you made it.:thumbsup: What was problem if I may ask?
  10. I think the problem was this when i intalled the wheel is on ps3 but when i put it on pc and re-installed drivers it came up :D
  11. Sorry for posting in an old topic how ever it is the same problem i have at this moment in time.
    i have updated drivers made sure the switch is in pc not ps3 and i am still not able to do any manual settings. i can not invert or combine my driver is also what_i_see.png
    any ideas?
  12. not trying to bump but just in case some one else trys to update the driver. DONT DO IT, i guess theres an issue with the 2015 driver how ever the 2009 driver works great. who would have thought.