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Thrustmaster F430

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MrMeow, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Anyone else using this wheel and finding F1 2011 almost impossible to play?

    I've been doing tests with a friend using a pad we both use exactly the same race settings in terms of full traction for testing reasons and quite obviously the pad easily out performs the wheel.

    I'm not sure if it's due to the wheel settings or what but it's almost impossible to play competitively or at a decent race pace.
  2. What problems do you have? I use this wheel and it seems OK from the limited time I've played the game.
  3. I also have the same wheel, no problems experienced after setting it up in options.
  4. My biggest problem is that I can't keep up a decent competitive pace no matter how hard i try It feels as if i'm losing speed on corners as i'm just being left behind.

    Now i'm no novice when it comes to driving games and I can usually pick out flaws or problems in my driving but with this i'm seriously confused as to what's going wrong.

    There just seems to be no balance between the throttle and the break. I'm either going too slow or it just causes me to spin almost 90% of the time.

    Also what settings are you using ingame?
  5. So after more testing I've come to realize that I'm more at a disadvantage while using a wheel and that to me is just seriously disappointing.

    I've tried everything I can throw at the game and all that's happening is that I'm losing time yet others gain.

    It just frustrated me that someone on a pad playing Auto can outperform a wheel on manual it makes no sense.
  6. Anyone else having issues with the F430? I'm poised to buying one but slightly concerned reading this.
  7. Anyone using Logic Force feedback GT wheel

    Only had 5 mins so far. Any diff between first f1 to the new f1 2011.
  8. I have a TM430 wheel and at the moment I have a lot of trouble with spinning out so I need use full traction control. All the other settings are on hardest. I didn't have this trouble with 2010 as I could run with traction control off so it is definately a game change. Just going to have to keep messing around with wheel settings to try and improve this.
    Perhaps us TM 430 users could share settings.
  9. I have Ferrari F430 wheel and no problem
  10. Hello
    May someone who didn't have trouble please post the setting it would be very helpful
    Thanks in advace.
  11. I replaced my DFGT with an F430 and it's a better wheel, better paddles and pedals. I really like it!

    I've driven the F430 for 5 races in F1 2011 so far and I love it, works flawlessly.
  12. No issues at all. Just play with the settings and find what works for you. Great quality starter wheel.
  13. give a clue for start settings

    Hi all F430 owners
    I have one too. I was really comfortable when driving F12010, but with F12011 I still haven't felt the same experience that I had before. I have been tweaking the configuration, and the handling has greatly improved the default settings, but I am sure they can still be better.
    Please, would anybody of you be so kind of sharing your settings, to have a good point to start?
    thanks in advance
  14. Steering deadzone - 1%
    Steering saturation - %15
    Steering linearity - 1%
    Throttle deadzone - 0%
    Throttle saturation - 10%
    Brake deadzone - 0%
    Brake saturation - 10%

    This makes you use the full 300' steering without it being twitchy, nice and smooth.
  15. I love my F430. Plenty of buttons, nice and heavy feel. In fact, I was racing around Melbourne, and got my setup into a serious understeer condition. When the car understeered, the "weight" of the wheel unloaded and would freely turn until I slowed enough for the front wheels to bite again. Very cool.
  16. Yep, I love it too - to me, the FF in F1 2011 is significantly better than F1 2010. :)
  17. I have Force Feedback fully on everything 100%

    Brilliant, many thanks for this, never been able to make this wheel sweet for me, IT IS NOW, knocked over 1 second off my time trial in Suzaka 1.27.613 12th in the world at the moment, many thanks again
  18. Thank you very much!!!
    Those settings are doing things easier....
    Just one last question: what about ForceFeedback settings? How do you have them configured?
    Best regards
  19. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Ive got an F430 and have no problems atall, apart from im just not that good a driver.

    My setting for the wheel if they hep are:

    Steering Deadzone 3%
    Steering Saturation 20%
    Steering Linearity 5%

    All other settings are set to zero

    I find these are good for my style of driving.

    Also all FFB settings are 100%

    Hope this helps.
  20. Im looking forward to get an F430.
    I have a ps3.. anybody knows if this wheel works correctly with ps3? the force feedback works normally?
    I've seen that in some racing wheels the force feedback only works in PC.