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Thrustmaster F430 Pedals.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ellis Thomas, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. So I've been playing F1 2011 with my newly bought wheel, the F430. and I've noticed that the pedals have to be pushed down about half way before the car will brake/accelerate. I know this to be a problem with a game because when I look in the properties window I can see the bars moving up and down when I only press them lightly. I was wondering if anybody new how to fix this or if its like that for all pedals?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Go to game controls menu and set all deadzones, saturations, etc. to 0.
  3. done that.
  4. Ya this is noticeable especially in the start of a race when revving the engine.
  5. Try remaping your pedals in "view/customize profile".
  6. So it worked with deadzones after all; didnt saw your previous post. I have the same wheel, it's a great wheel, good pedals.
  7. @Ellis: Did you change default pedals in the controls? Since F430 is supported wheel, it has its own setup already implemented, but if you change it and press the pedals during control setup, the axis will change.
  8. i tried setting it back to the default set up but it didn't change the pedals.
  9. I have the same wheel and i think the issue is the initial part of throttle travel accelerates the car really softly, you can test it, the car gains some speed... but very little at that.
    The solution to that is, in addition to picking up the throttle harder (the game let's you get away with that on everything but the slowest corners), is exiting the corners on a lower gear or shorter ratios.

    Never noticed anything weird with the brakes, mainly because i tend to hit the brake pedal hard innitially and then release softly (this has always been my natural driving style), i go faster with high brake pressure, just a bit more bite on the brakes.
    On some slower corners like the final chicane on Spain-Barcelona you have to go half way on the brakes to avoid locking up.
  10. Ellis, in control setup, is your Accelerate pedal set to "Lower RZ-Axis" (default preset) or "Inverse RZ-Axis" (custom)?