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Thrustmaster F430 FFB Issues

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Brian Damage, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    A question for wheel users and F430 owners in particular. I am having problems with my F430 wheel, I have it set up to my liking and was quite happy at first but when I started pushing a bit more where I was losing traction but no indication from the wheel. I can drive into a corner full pelt apply full lock and at no point does the wheel go 'light' indicating a loss of grip, the motor appear to be working fine as the as if I drive at correct speed and clip a curb I get all the rumble and slight kick of wheel etc. I have tried God knows how many settings and can now just make out when you are losing grip but it is so subtle it is of no use. Anyone else having this problem or can suggest a fix. I also have the game on the 360 with the Microsoft wireless wheel and on there its totally obvious and works fine. I have tried vsync on and off, the f430 profile, custom with override to wheel all don't seem to work!

    Please help,

  2. I have this wheel and same issue. I don't think there is a way to fix it :( or I've not found one yet
  3. Good news, after a few hours of messing about I have found a solution, well sort of. If you open the thrustmaster driver software control panel, set all the force values to 80%, wheel centering also 80% and set to game control, then launch the game and go into FFB options, set strength and wheel weight at 10% and enviroment to 40% you can now feel when your grip is starting to break, it is not as strong as I would like but its a start. If you adjust above 20% on the sliders you start to lose the effect. I am going to have another play about with the settings later and will post back, let me know if it works for you.
  4. Just tried it and it feels really light and floaty now for me, but I was playing with all the force sliders on max. Did you change the aggressivity or master slider to 80% aswell? I did just then but I think i'll go back and try with those turned up more
  5. Put those sliders up to 150% each and much better :) you can feel the steering go a bit heavier through fast corners, and I think go lighter when you start to loose grip. I've got to go to work now, but maybe have a play around with those sliders to get a better feel maybe? Great find so far though. Still no road rumble affect, but im sure one of the FFB mods would solve that if you wanted it
  6. I am going to try to find a decent balance between the sliders in game and the driver ones, cant remember what the exact values were but will post back after I have tested them again later. Glad to hear you have some success with it. I cant believe this has not been looked at by Codemasters though. I edited my force feedback effects xml file so you get the slight road rumble, will post the link if you are interested.
  7. So after a bit of tinkering I've put the in game sliders to 50% environmental and wheel weight and 100% feedback strength. The thrustmaster sliders are all 80% apart from aggressivity and master which are 150%. Seems ok to me.

    Still a bit dead on the FFB side but so was 2012, but 2011 felt great to me had road rumble and everything. So I'm thinking somewhere between 2011 & 2012 they screwed up the FFB for this wheel and have never noticed/fixed it.

    could i have that link to the values you modded to get the road feel?
  8. Hi John,

    I have copied and pasted a section from the no grip racing forum, I followed this and it seems ok to me. Just make sure you save a copy before you start in case you aint happy with the results

    If you edit effectsetup.xml in the forcefeedback folder -
    <FFBSurface scale="0.05" name="TARMAC" grip="1.0" thresholdLow="3.5" thresholdHigh="8.0" freqLow="26.0" freqHigh="52.0" scaleLow="0.0" scaleHigh="1.0" length="0.1" sample="tarmac"/>
    This will switch give a better feel to things, default I agree it's smooth, unnatural. Try it