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Thrustmaster Dilemma

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Peter Kerényi, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. T500RS + conical brake mod - 430 Euros

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  2. T300RS + T3PA - 380 Euros

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  3. A ticket to an insane asylum

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  1. Okay, posted twice about upgrading my G27. I ordered the T300RS GTE with the T3PA PRO pedals. And nobody has the pedals in my country :/

    As a PC-only simracer I don't need compatibility to any of the new consoles. And they have the T500RS on stock
    Now I could order the T300RS + T3PA vanilla pedals for 380 Euros.
    Or I could order the T500RS package for 400 Euros.

    I have read most of the comparisons, forum posts, whatever I found. There are more problems with the newer, better, brushless T300RS. But it's lighter, faster, more refined and probably will be supported longer.
    However the T500RS is stronger, more durable, but some people say it's louder (by how much?). And the pedals don't have the conical brake mod (which would be 30 dollars including international shipping). And people say they prefer the T3PA with conical mod over the T500RS pedals...

    I'm way overthinking this stuff. Help me RaceDepartment, you're my only hope...
  2. kamackeris


    having a similar dilemma in that i bought the g29 but am thinking should i have gone t300rs and the t3pa pedals. i think i can still return my wheel to amazon but i'm scared of the t300rs by reports of massive reliability issues
  3. Yeah T300RS reliability is maybe my biggest concern that pulls me towards the T500RS. However it might be worth the risk for the better ffb. Dunno.
  4. kamackeris


    i keep changing my mind. i mean i am happy with the g29 coming from a g25 but i think i jumped in too quickly to buy my g29 and didn't research. the general consensus is the t300rs is better. also quieter too which is a problem as i can't play late at night with the g29. but reliability is putting me off. if i buy from amazon though i think if it breaks within two years they will replace from them
  5. Rattling and noise is the reason I want a new wheel as well :)
  6. PicoBp

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  7. kamackeris


    just keep reading horror stories of wheels breaking.......
  8. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    As someone who has used both wheels, I would go with the T500. To me, its a better wheel and feels like a wheel. Stronger, etc than the T300 even though the T300 feels faster.

    The T500 is louder. It will not distract you while racing or if you are like me, you will have a headset on and wont hear anything. The noise of the T500 will be a problem for other people in the same room. They wont like it.

    The T300 is very quiet and will not cause issues to other people. They wont even know its making noise.

    Cannot say anything about the pedals as I have not tried the T3PA.
  9. Thanks for your post. My primary intention to replace my G27 is to reduce the noise. So that's a huge minus for the T500RS as you described it.
  10. Lazarou


    You just got to ask yourself will you ever be able to forget about the T300 while using the G29? If not and if you can afford it then I would say change it otherwise it will just nag away at you.

    My T300GTE has been great so far.
  11. kamackeris


    ok....so i have done it !! its costing me £35 more but amazon have accepted my return even though it has been used for 2 weeks. the 30 day policy is great !! order the t300rs and the t3pa pedals. wheel coming tomorrow and hopefully the pedals too!! hope i made the correct call. how has your reliabilty been??? seem to remember you having problems reading another thread
  12. Lazarou


    My first one had a build date of April 2015 I think, my new one is June 2015. Not sure if anything changed between that date, but this one has been fine so far. Feels very robust.

    The first one I had the large locking wheel nut that attaches the wheel to the column never felt right from the start. I am sure you'l be fine mate. If not you have a two year warranty.
  13. kamackeris


    i hope so !! assume that amazon will have the latest builds in that are hopefully more reliable. can't wait. keep saying to myself i have done the right thing.
  14. Lazarou


    I reckon you will love it. I can only speak for myself but car control is miles ahead of my previous Logitech. It has only just dawned on me I can't really remember the last time I totally lost control of a car in Rfactor 2 since I got the T300 yeah I make mistakes but they are usually redeemable.

    Maybe it's just my skill but I reckon that fine control is down to the wheel. I have fanatec pedals rather than the standard ones aswell. My setup

    Thrustmaster T300 GTE
    Thrustmaster F1 Rim
    Thrustmaster TH8RS
    DSD 32 Button Box
    Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
    Fanatec Inversion Kit
    DSD Tilton style pedal pads
  15. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    T300 is the way to go then :)

    Its a good wheel. Dont know anything about the G29 but I would think the T300 is better
  16. kamackeris


    sorry for hijacking the orginal thread lol. thanks for confirming my buy Paul. wow thats some kit. i'm just going with the standard wheel and the t3pa pedals for now. the g29 must be why i keep losing control then lol
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  17. Is the T500RS really that much louder though? I've been listening to ffb and calibration tests on youtube and I can't hear too much of a difference between the two of them...
  18. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    I'm basically going off the opinion of the Mrs.

    It could have been that the fan of mine was a loud one and I never got it sorted. Either way, T300 is quieter
  19. But it should still be quieter than a rattling G27, right? :D
  20. My T500 has been absolutely brilliant. Never a hint of a breakdown at all. Its more powerful than the t300 too (had one that went faulty) and as for noise, well the fans on mine are pretty silent, if anything hardly noticeable even compared to the t300.
    The pedal with the T500 are superb and I use the mod thingy that comes with the set and I have them set up in GT mode rather than F1 mode. Fantastic bit of kit. I purchased my T500 last xmas.
    I have the Ferrari GTE rim and the F1 rim.