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Throttle Dead zone

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Michael Andal, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Anyone else having this issue? It appears there's a bit of a dead zone when I apply the throttle. The engine RPM does not move or respond at all until I reach maybe 20% of my throttle pedal's range. I initially thought it was an issue with my pedal. But looking at the pedals app, it's obviously picking up the signal from my pedals coz the green bar goes up to about maybe 20% with still no response from the car's engine RPM. I'm using a G27.
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  2. Throttle mapping is awful in this sim, it's a huge issue for me personally. In the 458 I can apply more than 35% throttle (G27) before the engine starts to respond and then, the revs just continue to rise even if I'm holding the throttle. It makes the cars behave strangley and feel sluggish to driver inputs.

    It's not my hardware because other sims work normally and there's lots of others having the same problem in AC
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  3. well it looks like the devs are aware of it and are looking into it. it's early access anyway and i'm sure they'll get it sorted.
  4. Still having the throttle problem as mentioned in the first post. The throttle in this sim really needs some attention. Even with fiddling with the throttle dead zones and all the other tips it still responds strange. Please fix this, it makes driving feel so strange.
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  5. ^ hi. i'm using the g27 wheel and my throttle dead zone problem has been resolved since the 2nd or 3rd update. which wheel do you have? have you played around with the settings?