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Throttle and Brake Paddle problem

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Philipp Koch, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. hey there ... i have a little problem in Assetto Corsa for me it looks the brake and the throttle is to agressive :S its easy to lock up or spinning wheels

    i use the Logitech Driving force GT have anybody some tipps to set up the paddles right?

    greetings so for from me
  2. Lazarou


    Squash ball

    Worked for me until I upgraded the pedals.
  3. nah i thought something about the deadzone settings maybe in the profiler ^^ xD
  4. Lazarou


    Well it was better than any settings that I tried.
  5. hmmm well i put down a lil bi sens now in profiler and it seems better as before now xD ^^
  6. Make sure you have a linear brake gamma set in the options.
    For the throttle: practice on low power cars first to get acquainted with its sensitivity.
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  7. do you mean somethin like 1.00? ingame paddle gamma
  8. Yes. 1.00 is a linear function, anything more than that as an exponential one ,)
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  9. ok thanks too you