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Throttle/accelerator issue in F12011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by The-Sheriff, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Before I re-install F12011 I would like to hear if anyone has a possible solution for this issue ?

    In F12011 my throttle goes beserk !. Already before the lights go out before race start, my throttle in the car goes 100 % all the time. When the start goes, I can press the speeder, and after 5 seconds I can drive without even touching my throttle. The brake works, but not to much help as speeder is constantly 100%.

    I know only very few has Clubsport V2 pedals, but throttle works perfect in other games like Race07/GTR/Burns Rally.
    The problem appeared from one day to the other in F12011. From perfect to this.

    I have reset all steering options in the game, and re-connected everything. Restarted. Still the same throttle in F12011 that goes 100%.

    EDIT: I should maybe point out that Practice and Qualify is not a issue, it appears in RACE mode only.

    Cheers Peter
  2. I had the same issue with my CSR Elites and the solution is:

    Go to control settings and on the accelerator there must me - inverted axis..... if it's not like that your throttle works on the opposite way. To set it inverted just press the pedal, select to change the control and release the pedal. This should work.
  3. Thanks Viktor, I will bear that in mind. Now its Inverse-RX-AXIS.
    Strange that Practice and Qualify, Race works fine. RACE ONLY does not... hmm...