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Featured Three new DLC packs coming to Project Cars

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Alex Franchini, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Yes, bring it on!

    159 vote(s)
  2. Yes, but it needs to be free

    76 vote(s)
  3. No, I don't play it anymore

    57 vote(s)
  4. No, SMS should focus on Project Cars 2

    5 vote(s)
  1. 2627139-projectcars_14758653283_3aa9735c74_o_1407494029.jpg Slightly Mad Studios has announced that Project Cars will be receiving three expansion before Christmas, including a "huge" track pack.

    As part of the so-called "On Demand" program, the popular racing game is going to be expanded with two track packs and a "special fan-requested" car pack. The first expansion is coming "soon" according to the official website, and that will be followed by the car pack. The third DLC will be a "huge track expansion" and is expected in November.

    This is just a tease, for all intents and purposes, since no more details about those expansions are known yet. We don't yet know the names of the packs, what's in them or whether they will be free content drops or paid DLC packs.

    Stay tuned for further news on those expansions! In the meanwhile, do you still play Project Cars and do you think more content is a good thing?
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  2. They've been posting teasers on their Instagram page. One track is some kind of test track complex, part of which has a banked section. Another is a Scottish countryside road track that I believe was originally in an earlier build of the game before its release.

    They also showed a teaser of one of the new cars, just a dashboard and handbrake shot of an untextured 3D model. Someone recognised it as Mike Whiddett's RADBUL 1200hp MX5.
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  3. Yapci


    Weren't we going to get a free car monthly?
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  4. jlnprssnr


    They don't say that it's the final DLC.
  5. jlnprssnr


    Yes, you already got the Lykan, the Audi S1 and the 911. Next car will be the 300SL.
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  6. Pcars = Need for Speed.
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  7. thomas hartig

    thomas hartig

    Instead of releasing new dlc content they should focus on improving the physic engine.
    Until now it is far away from beeing a serious Simulation like AC or iRacing... At least according to the physics.
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  8. The fact is that art team are not developpers so they can't fix code related bugs... They can, if there are model related issues, fix art issues by the way...
    About the physics, I think you don't even know what's simulated into the game, maybe that's why you think the physics is not good...
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  9. I really don't get it: do serious SimRacing titles have to look like rubbish old stuff and the cars have to drive hard like hell, too, to be recognized by the masters of SimRacing or could there be a very well looking title with drivable cars as well? Compared to AC pCARS simulates so much more physical stuff (e.g. brakes, cooling) that one could easily argue the other way ...
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  10. thomas hartig

    thomas hartig

    ... you say it. It seems that the WMD Team just consists of an art team ;)...
    And you are right... I don't even have a glue what they try to simulate in to the game. Don't take me wrong. Project Cars is the best looking racing game out there. I realy enjoy it... But I wouldn't call it a racing simulator.
    I don't know why everybody just jumps on it and try to slaughter everybody who comes up with critisism against Project Cars... I just said that it's not comparable with AC and iRacing... Neither according to tyre model or FFB nor to Car setups and aerodynamics.
    Therefore they should work on their physics....
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  11. thomas hartig

    thomas hartig

    I don't know but I like it to drive hard like hell.... In my opinion it's not all about how many parameters you try to simulate but how good you can handle them.
    For example... you can get out a lot of fancy colors and results out of FEM-Calculations of mainstream CAD programms like Solidworks.... But they are not validated in any way.
    If you wat to have solid results you have to calculate them with Ansys or Comsol.
    They are much less fancy, looks more out of the 70's but the results when validated are rock solid.
    So if you are out there for some fun go ahed with project cars.
    But don't forget the people out there who are looking for the next level ****;)
  12. Sorry, by "final" I meant the "last of the bunch".
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  13. xnorb


    Adding tracks is always welcome in any game/sim.
    But they shouldn't split the community and therefore would best be released free.

    We can see that right now in BF4:
    Due to the variety of map DLCs, those servers running different DLCs are deserted and the servers running only stock content are the active ones. (At least that's what i've read, i don't play that game)

    Car DLCs i'd prefer doing it like R3E does by bundling race classes together.
    Here, buy the DTM pack! Buy the Group 5 pack! Buy the WTCC pack!
    And of course you can still race against cars you don't own.

    All that said: I don't really play pCars.
    Once i have enough time to even bother screwing around with the FFB, i will give it another try.
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  14. If you do, you would now that Pcars did an "on demand" system that allows everybody racing together, even when now owning the game. Here are the info of "on demand"

    Anyway, for sure new packs are welcomed to each games. Plus, WMD team ensure software update including game engine updates, physics updates and bug fixes, and this, actively (look at number of patches out since the game release date). And yes, for sure the game did not released well polished and well finished as a final product, but to remind to all it's not a big company, they are more or less 10 tech guys that do theirs best to get the game enjoyable on each devices (PC + consoles).
    I don't really like the console side that vampirize some PC features but I admit that it brings more money than PC side...

    Altough, kudos to Kunos team that does job well too and being only a small amount of passionated of racing guys.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
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  15. Well, it looks the other way to me: every time when there is some news about additional stuff, bug fixes, patches etc. for pCARS there is a bunch of people (I call them the "Masters of Simracing") that tell the others that they play a nice looking game that has nothing to do with simulation of racing and lacks a lot physics wise etc. ...
    And if you look at the last "what the cat hacked" by Stefano Casillo he stated that they had mis-interpreted some official data concerning tyre simulation by mixing up the coordinates ... so much about the better simulation ;)

    And you know for sure that pCARS does this whole stuff wrong, because...Master of SimRacing :whistling:?
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  16. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Thanks for the tip with Instagram :thumbsup: It seems the old Hockenheim layout will also be part of one of those DLCs:
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  17. I wish the DLC would come with the promised parts of the game that have not been realised yet. Like full control of the car in the pitstops and full animated pitcrew. And why oh why was there never a way of making your own championships up? Instead of going down the sillt career mode crud.
    ps, I voted for keep it coming.
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  18. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    My problem is that I have some tracks that just ctd (and give me no dmp file) so although I would welcome more I won't buy just in case they join the other ones I can't play. Apart from that the game is what it is and can be fun.
  19. That sounds odd ... culd you tell us what tracks these are. Maybe you have some hardware limitations (to less video RAM oder system RAM for example and too high game settings) that let these crash. And did you let Steam make a check of the game files? Maybe there are some broken files (sometimes not very well programmed security, optimizing or antivirus tools do harm to certain files in a game installation) Anything else would not make much sense to me why only some tracks lead to a CTD.