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WIP Thorshaven Street Circuit

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Ralf Ääro, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    this is my latest Project.

    Thorshaven Street Circuit is a temporary race track in the capital city of Faroe Islands. This Island (north west from GB) belongs to Denmark and has a very unique nature. There are much mountains and hills, which leads to that the track has much altitude and is very fun to drive.

    The most difficult thing of building this track is, that the rough nature needs so much time to build.
    I have now mostly finished making the raw terrain. The track in current status is able to drive on. But there is no AI work done yet. And further there are no objects yet. I have just placed some walls and curbs, to get a feeling of how it could be racing there in the end. I have done the heights and corners of the whole track. Most of Bumps too.

    But the most part is ahead of me:

    - Building and Placing objects (like houses, grandstands, forrest andso on)
    - More detailed terrain work
    - rework the intersections of streets (very simply made)
    - Doing AI Work
    - and much more ;)

    And now, take a look what I have already created.

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  2. This looks very nicely done! great terrain and very nice use of cgtextures roads too :)
  3. Yep, really looks promising. :)
  4. Hello again,

    I've done nothing much since December last year. But I just wanted to state, that this project is still alive. Maybe I can release the track for rfactor2 in the future :D

    Here are some new pictures of the latest work:

  5. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    That's looking promising, keep up the good work! :)
  6. Yep, sure does!
  7. Man you should release it SOON! :wink:
  8. Well, I stuck a little bit at this track, because some reasons:
    - very little imagery of the real roads
    - lack of skill in building junctions and all the different roads (no skill in working with an 3D-Programm like Maya, 3DMax or Blender)
    - lack of skill in building Objects

    Well, and without that, this track is very....empty. ;)
  9. Well take your time and enjoy as you build.
  10. Looks very nice, and great attention obviously goes into details! However my personal opinion is that for fictional street races like this, track makers should not add so much walls, curbs and safety nets. It takes a lot away from the feel of open road race. It is fine for real tracks where such things exist, like city street courses. For example Isle of Man TT-course features almost no "safety" equipment except for some hay stacks here and there. You should consider decorating the track with spectators and maybe rally style striped ropes or what ever they are called...

    I understand it makes the track look much more realistic race track, but also then again the whole idea of nice natural scenery does not work because it is impossible to see anything. Thou I believe in real life such track would be impossible because of enormous costs of setting it up...

    Punish the driver for overdriving by hitting a ditch, not just a ARMCO :)
  11. +1 :wink:
  12. I do understand what you mean. And I don't plan to have fences everywhere. I just place them, where they are needed (at marshal points for example..). All other areas will remain clear of them. Walls will be reduced too in the end, when I have build all the roadside with its natural embankments and ditches. But that doesn't mean, that there will be no walls at all. I want to make a track which could be a racetrack of todays time, without having the highest safety standards. My track should be something similar to the Nordschleife in this point.