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This year my PS3 bought me...

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. The yellow light of death for Christmas :(
  2. What's that??
  3. its Sony's version of the xbox360's ring of death light
  4. It means my PS3 is dead, kaput. The one good thing though is for some reason, and perhaps it was just in preparation to watch a film I took my GT5 disc out of it otherwise that would be stuck there as there is no way to get a disc out once a PS3 does the YLOD
  5. You know any reasons why the PS3 YLODs? I for one haven't been online yet so maybe that's a good thing?
  6. Wasn't it just the older ps3 that suffered from it
  7. It can be fixed if you're handy, most of them are caused by overheating as a result of dust building up.
  8. I've got mine under an extended warranty. I've already had one replacement but I'm doubtful this time of getting another 60GB as they have been out of manufacture for so long. Will have to wait and see what the warranty company say tomorrow
  9. for a while
    But after some time it will always return
  10. I'm getting the creeps already for the summer !!!!
  11. Waiting for a call back today, warranty all confirmed as being in place with Sony but its a public holiday here in the UK so will have to wait and see if they call me back today or not. Ironically I got the PS3 after trading in my 360 after it died twice, I thought the PS3 would be more reliable but the scores at the moment are RROD 2 - YLOD 2. I bought an XBOX 360 Elite model a few years ago when I decided to give the 360 another shot and that (fingers crossed) has been reliable so maybe this third unit from Sony will be. I wouldn't mind if I abused my gear but I always look after my electronic gear and kept my consoles well ventilated and dusted them frequently. I've heard that because the 60GB is out of manufacture they will offer me a slim model. If that is the case I'll be a little dissapointed to lose the backwards compatibility and card reader but the slim models are suppossed to be much more reliable though I will also lose 2 USB ports over my 60GB model.
  12. Iv'e had the worst luck with my PS3....
    9 months ago it started when i bought a PS3 slim, it started to Overheat... even if i put a fan underkneath to cool it, it would crash.

    i'll cut the story short, i have replaced my PS3 4 Times within 6 months.

    Thankfully iv'e had this PS3 Slim now for 3 Months with no problems at all.