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This may shock and amaze yer

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Rob Every, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Most of you who play this game will know that I have been one of WMD's and the rest of them's harshest critics on here. And other places until I was banned/deleted/whatever.

    So my uncle who is in his 60's and a fanatical player of Gran Turismo tells me over Easter than he has bought Pcars! I look in horror but try and hide my disappointment.

    BUT!! He has it on the platform it was designed to be used on, a next gen console. So, he listens to my issues and I can see nodding heads and obvious understand as to how it was developed on PC but released mainly as a console title etc etc.

    And I am pleasantly surprised. He is using a decent wheel and in the game it works OK, not fabulous but OK. It plays OK too, the handling is a bit iffy in places, but no worse than GT6 and the cars and tracks available are undoubtedly impressive.

    As far as he is concerned the only drawbacks (I didn't really play it long enough to warrant many) are the unnecessarily massive range of wheel adjustment that even to me and him who are seasoned simmers was baffling. He wants a simpler system with simple Windows profiler type ranges, we couldn't work out how to harden the centre spring, how to change the degrees of input, very, very simple changes that should be central to the setup.

    Mainly the fact that when you highlight a particular area you get no help in the right hand text area to help you with what that might change. SO you are stabbing in the dark.

    Other issues for him were the weird difficulty issues where a 85% difficulty in one car might be fairly easy, yet the next race might be utterly impossible. He is not prepared to pay for online passes so as yet has not found the online to be a problem and likely will never bother.

    Also the common one of AI on wets being as fast as they are on dries and their rather random behaviour.

    But I will say as a console game it is up there, I would certainly try it on PS4 and that is all I can really say.

    The behaviour of the way some of their people operate and have operated is the main reason I felt it necessary to make a noise in lots of places, and this has been echoed by plenty of other people since, plus the unnecessary hype that was focused on PC players especially when the game was really and is pretty much a console game.

    For me it plays very nicely on a console, far better than any version I EVER played on a PC I have tried it on, and this I think is one of the main things people need to realise about the game.

    So there you have it, I tried it, didn't mind it and would even buy it. But ONLY on console.
  2. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I tried it on PS4 at a friend, we played about 12 hours straight, for me the experience didn't even come close to the PC version.
  3. They had to decision, first would be to develop it as a sim as how they started and impress us simracers but possibly frustrate the consoleros, or second, and they obvoiusly did that, go for the money and do a simcade game for the consoles.

    Kunos still works very hard on AC, where the Project Cars makers decided to work on a 2nd game and let the first one almost as it is...
  4. xnorb


    I don't know why nobody does like this:
    * Develop on PC with all features PC players demand.
    * Cut down on graphics, options, features, game mechanics and what else needed to make it suitable for consoles
    * Release on consoles

    2 communities full of praise for your awesome game. Win/win.

    There is absolutely no point in developing for one platform, then changing everything to fit on another platform. Ultimatively leaving a very very angry userbase of the first platform behind.
  5. What do you mean exactly that the experience is better on console? I fail to grasp it.
  6. xnorb


    Usually the experience is the same on all systems, just that you expect more of a PC game.
    30 FPS, no options, doublebinding on buttons, narrow unchangeable FoV .... those are all attributes you are completely fine with in a console title but are complete no-gos in a PC title.
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  7. I don't know what system you own, but my 2.5 year old PC can put 35+ fps with a full grid. I think I know what you mean on double binding, or lack of binding of buttons for some things and I kind of agree. But no option on what exactly? And unchangeable FoV? It's in the options.
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  8. xnorb


    I wasn't talking about pCars here but the general different between PC and consoles and why the experience may vary although the game is the same.