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This has the Potential to be a Good Game

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by TR6speed, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. As the title says, it can be a good game, but first I need to figure out why the game is not saving. I ran the first two events and everything was fine. I shut exited out of the game after the press conf. When I went back about an hour later to go for the third event I was back at the first race of the season. Auto save is on at least that what it say at the beginning of the load. I had this happen in the standard Grand Prix mod where you can be any driver, but I though once I started my career it would be different.

    I have not added the patch but I have added the Real Sunlight mod and the 100% tank fuel and AI brake a little later.

    Is anyone else having this trouble?
  2. from my experience in a track that you have R&D task, if you don't finish all sessions (practice, qualify)without exiting the game, somehow it corrupts the savegame.Happened to me 2 times (Hungary,Singapore) but after that i had no problems again(even after the patch).Try finishing all sessions,make a lap of the race and after that you can quit end exit with no problems.It's only with the tracks with R&D task.
  3. Thanks for the reply. When you say finish all sessions, do you mean let the actual time run out. I did about 15 laps in the practice session then I used the F2 key to advance through the remaining time, and then ran a few qualifying laps and did the same. I than ran the race and completed it. I was in the short race at 20%. So I only did one practice session and one qualifying sessions.
  4. you did ok with that but you can't exit the game between these sessions.for example, you can't quit and exit the game after practice IF you had a R&D objective.It's not in all tracks so be carefull!
  5. Thanks again for your reply. I did an uninstall last night and re-installed the game. I have not tried to statrt my career yet, only did a few time trials to get my setups back in. I plan to try out the career later today and see if it now saves without any of the mods I had installed. I will next add the patch to see what happens. I post up my results.
  6. Thanks, I downloaded the file you supplied the link to and will us it I need to, but I am a little lost on the statement;

    "or use flow from unpatched version of game, after that you can use mods and game saves". I see the flow file located in the system folder of the actual game. Not sure what I need to do.
  7. Well it all seems to be working correctly at this point. I reinstalled the game as I mentioned earlier. I ran the first round and exited the game and than about an hour later restarted the game ans was able to go to the sound round. I decide when I reloaded the game to set myself up in the Lotus team. Well these cars are as slow as the real version and not a well handling car either. So it seems like they got this game right after all. I was playing in the Grand Prix mode and was able to beat everyone by 40-45 seconds driving the Williams.

    Not sure at this time if I will install the patch. I may try a few mods, such as one of the improved lighting and the improved rain drops.

    One last point, I just ordered this on eBay and it came from some vendor in India, any chance that Codemasters releast a newer disk that has the patch 1.01 already incorporated on the disk?