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This game looks Great now

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Greg Latty, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. We all know this is the king when it comes to physics and FFB but it was always lacking in the gfx dept..I havent really played much until I recently upgraded my system to a 980ti and a 1440p gsync monitor and man.. this game looks incredible. Something about it looks more natural than other sims. This is almost the perfect sim. On top of that I upgraded to a TX wheel with 599xx rim with clubsport v2 pedals from a G27 and it feels so much more realistic now. I love this game now. Any just thought Id share my random thought

    For anyone who doubts the graphical beauty of this game. Heres some screenshots.. UNEDITED in anyway besides me cropping the replay overlay out.
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  2. If didn't know it already. Press the "enter" key to hide the replay overlay. And the "tab" key to hide the driver driver name.

    Really nice F12's and a nice skin too. :thumbsup:
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  3. Good to know. Thanks
  4. Pressing enter does not get rid of the overlay for me during replays. But it does if I am watching the monitor expanded real time.
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  5. I agree. Here are a couple of my screenshots just 1080p:
    Merc SLS Engine heat haze

    Corvette C6r
    Dallara at Palm Springs.
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  6. Indeed, but i think you refer to the instant replay (pressing "r" when you're on track).
    I think that overlay can't be hidden. :unsure:
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  7. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    not to mention AI :rolleyes:
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  8. It's not bad but I still think the whole thing looks a bit dull. Spa66 looked terrible the last time I drove it.
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  9. my only complaint would be that the colors are a little washed out. Doesnt look as vibrant as other games.
  10. This is from the Iracing forums. But it applies to rF2 as well.
    The gamma and Digital Vibrance: set it to your personal preference.

    Step 1: Use the correct Dynamic Range (Color Space)

    Dynamic Range (Color Space) is a setting that tells the GPU to output a certain range of colors that your display supports.

    The 2 options are:
    - "Limited 16-235", which means that "16" is the blackest given to your display, and "235" is the whitest
    - "Full 0-255", which means that "0" is the blackest given to your display, and "255" is the whitest

    On some displays, especially HDMI, the NVIDIA drivers cannot properly detect the capabilities of your display. When this happens, the drivers default to "Limited 16-235". However, if your display actually supports "Full 0-255" (which most displays do!), then the "Limited" setting is an incorrect setting!

    When incorrectly set to "Limited":
    - Blacks look dark grey instead of black
    - Greys look washed out
    - Whites don't appear to be bright white
    - Colors may not appear to be correct or vibrant enough
    - On your desktop, blacks are washed out
    - On the iRacing loading screen, where it shows the track image being loaded, on the right where the image fades to black, it's very washed out, and fades to dark grey instead of black
    - In the sim, the dashboard, the steering wheel, and even colors of objects, are all washed out, or look like a sheen of dark grey has been placed on top

    Recent NVIDIA drivers 347.09+ have implemented a way to easily fix this, within the NVIDIA Control Panel!

    Set Dynamic Range to Full:
    - Open the NVIDIA Control Panel
    - Go to the "Change resolution" page
    - Find the "Output dynamic range:" setting
    - Set it to "Full" (which is "0-255")
    - Click Apply


    Step 2: Adjust desktop color settings

    Use NVIDIA settings:
    The color settings specified in the NVIDIA Control Panel will be used. These settings are applied whenever applications and games with built-in color settings are not running. ..... Turn this On to set custom color settings, including Gamma, which I recommend adjusting.
    The brightness of mid-tones without affecting shadows and highlights. ..... Adjusting the Gamma can also help to achieve a richer experience in the dark-tone areas (blacks, deep greys, etc.), especially on LCD screens which have an inherent disadvantage displaying blacks. But everybody's monitor setup is unique; i.e.: some use LCDs, some use plasma, some use projectors. For LCD screens especially, I recommend lowering it a bit to a value lower than 1.00, but I've heard some people using projectors claim that a value higher than 1.00 was better for them. I use 0.80 as the perfect amount from my experience, across various LCD monitors. Try various values to determine what looks best to you. I would imagine most LCD users would benefit most using a setting between 0.80 and 0.92.
    Digital vibrance:
    Color separation and intensity; helps to compensate for lighting conditions in the workspace. Also, can reduce chance of eyestrain. ..... This has been my savior for years, capable of saturating the colors so that colored objects POP on the screen! I use 72%, which may admittedly feel a bit too saturated/cartoony for some users, but to me, it makes iRacing look beautiful by making the atmosphere and cars really pop. Try various values to determine what looks best to you. Make sure to look at applications or photos on the desktop while doing your testing, since changing this setting will globally affect how your monitor displays colors.

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  11. thank man. Im going to try this out now.
  12. That is only relevant if EVERYTHING is dull on your monitor. If it's only rF2 or only rF2 and iRacing, it's safe to assume it's a technical and artistic choice by those developers to not go for the vibrant look.
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