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This game is too hard for me

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by jimortality, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. jimortality


    I'm really really struggling. After nearly a week, I'm no nearer getting any kind of consistency. I do like the game but I just can't keep the car on the track. Cornering I seem to have to turn my G920 twice as far as I should do and I have it set at 360% rotation. I've spent more time off the track and I think I may have hit my limit with this game. I've tried different AI settings but I'm so far off the pace. I can't manage the r&d stuff and gradually the enjoyment is going which is a shame as it is a very good game. I've only had my G920 a month after my TX died and it's a decent wheel but I feel my limit is reached with this. Anyone else struggling or have any ideas how to tame this game. Cheers
  2. Lazarou


    What pedals do you have Jim lad? I find a lot of the speed comes from throttle management, codies have done a great job getting across this part of modern F1. Have you tried with some traction control on to help you on exit? Post your wheel & pedal settings.

    Do you use single seaters much, they are my favorite and what I usually run so that maybe gives me bit of help but I cant see any reason why you can't learn to drive these.
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  3. jimortality


    I have the Logitech G920 pedals and the brake pedal is a bit of a nuisance as it's soo stiff. I have ffb at 92, environment about 60 and wheel weight about 40 in game. In profiler, you only have degrees of rotation and sensitivity which I have 360% and default sensitivity at 50. Everything else in game is default. I don't hammer open wheelers but I do like them.
  4. Lazarou


    This is what I am running on a T300 F1 with Fanatec pedals. I found tweaking the pedals slightly gave me a lot more control of the throttle 5% on deadzone and linearity.


    You need to be able to apply lock quickly in the slower corners. I am not familiar with the G920 but maybe your in game settings are too low?
  5. Where are you struggling the most, braking/corner entry or exit/traction phase?

    Coming from F1 2015 my braking points needed adjustment, if i brake where i used to with the old game i overshoot most corners, but it was an easy adjustment.

    I have a G27 it's set to 375 degrees, mainly because if i set to 360 the G27 gives you slightly less than 360, the 375 accounts for that... i don't know if the G29/920 are the same in respect to this.

    I have forces at 100, environment 80 and weight at 60.

    A little throttle linearity might help with the exit, i'm currently at 10(still fiddling with it).
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  6. jimortality


    An example is turn 1 at Bahrain. I start braking at the 150 meter marker and no chance in hell of stopping and end up in the barrier plus I can't get round when I do manage it and I'm like double turning the wheel
  7. Hummm... i don't know if that's what you are doing, but i would advise against running low downforce setups until you figure the game out.

    First get a good handle on things, then start tuning for speed.
    One thing at a time so you can understand it's effects, do aero, then move to tires, then suspension...

    Also i don't know what "double turning" means, turning the steering too much maybe? Or is counter steering? Turning going back to the middle and turning again? I'm unfamiliar with that expression.
  8. Strange, I can brake at 150m turn 1 Bahrain and easily make the corner. Check you pedal callabration- maybe they are not hitting 100%? I also have 380degree wheel rotation set (Fanatec CSW) and don't need to "double turn" the wheel to make the corner.
  9. I brake just ahead of the 100m, brakes at 95% pressure, 56% balance, "healthy" amounts of wing, going below 4 seems counterproductive to me on average speed tracks.
  10. jimortality


    Double turning is where I'm turning my wheel twice as far as the cockpit wheel plus I'm having to cross my arms when I turn. It's like my wheel rotation is 900% when it's 360%.
  11. In the game is the wheel saturation set above 0? This would cause this issue, set it at 0.
  12. jimortality


    No, everything is at zero. I've been watching a few vids and people use the rewind function when they get tapped or over shoot. I think I might have to start using that feature until I can get to grips with the game.
  13. Hey there, that happens to me at times with other sims. To correct this, sometimes I turn off, then on (or maybe in your case, detach/reattach your wheel's usb), my usb switch (where my wheel is attached) to reset/recalibrate the wheel.
  14. jimortality


    Ok thanks Joel, what wheel are you using?
  15. Jim - I have a G29 on PS4 and I also hated how much I had to turn the wheel. I can't set anything in the profiler because I'm not on PC, but here is some wheel settings that were recommended to me and I love them now:

    Everything 0 except;
    Steering saturation 40 (This will make the wheel more sensitive at dead center, so you don't have to turn as much)
    Brake saturation 65 (This will make brakes more sensitive and should help with stopping by the corner)

    Feedback strength 85
    Environmental FB 70
    Wheel weight 80
  16. And then I would also say use the full racing line, traction control, and brake assist if you aren't already.
  17. I think its actually the opposite. The more steering saturation you have, the more sensitive it will be and the less you have to turn the wheel
  18. Let me guess:
    You're braking too hard, so the front wheels are locking, and when you get to the corner you have too high speed, so steering will not work (your front tyres are sliding). I've seen my friends do exactly this when they try. This might be true if you are not on any brake assists. If this is the case, you need to know that front wheels are locking when speed goes down during the braking, so when you get to the lower gears you will need to ease the breaking. Are you running any assists? If not, try Full braking assist, traction control and ABS just too se if it's your tecnique is the issue.

    And important: This is not a game that you will master perfectly after Bahrain. It took me one full season to get the hang of tha handling in F1 2013. Start using assists so you get competative, and turn them off one by one. If you don't like assists and prefer to struggle (like me), at least begin with Traction Control. That can be set to Medium, and in your case (if my guess was correct) also turn on ABS.

    Good luck!
  19. jimortality


    Cheers guys, I'm not using any assists but I think I'm going to start just till I can get my head or wheel around the handling.
  20. I started without assists and had some trouble. Turned them on to get a feel and I'm having much more fun and then as I improve in each area, I have started to turn them off/lower them one by one. I would also check out some different car setups because they helped me a lot more than the default setups
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