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This game is killing me (Backmarkers)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by frankwer, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. I am pissed off now, after getting hit/hindered/crashed by backmarkers many times i lost all my motivation to progress in this game. After having a good start getting over 3.5 safety points i am now on 2.45 after having misfortunes with backmarkers + some racing incidents.

    I am demotivated, it seems its harder to gain safety points after doing 50+ races. I think my iRacing career is over...dont want to waste money and time racing on public servers.

    Other then that it`s a great game :)
  2. well you should join us within the club events and leagues, you don't have to worry about SR or iRating in hosted sessions. A big plus side is most of the racing with the RD events are very clean!
  3. There's a possibility to improve your SR in Time Trials. It's SR factor is 0.75 however, comparing to 1.5 during races, so it takes longer to gain SR. It is possible however. The best option is to be faster, qualify to the start of the grid, it's usually full of fast and reasonable people who won't make you spin and damaged in warmup or in lap 0.
  4. I don't race in the iracing races anymore. I stick to the hosted club races and leagues. There are plenty of sites around hosting races and they are populated with drivers that are interested in good clean racing over SR and irating.
  5. The best race I had was in a hosted session at SPA.
    The event was 2.4 hours mixed class and we were full grid.
    It was organized by a league.
    It was the best race I have been into.
    Leagues is where its at.
    Public servers even in iRacing are just faceless and with no personality plus you always run the risk in running into wreck fests.
  6. I don't race many official iRacing races either, because as a dedicated backmarker myself, it seems public frontrunners and hotshots who find themselved behind me to too often be a bunch of arrogant idiots who tend the blame the backmarkers for their own impatience and inability to run anything but a single preferred line. Typical exchange: "Why did you brake there?, you *&^%&" - "duh! to be able to make the corner without wrecking, until you slammed into my backside". Fortunately, that doesn't happen hardly ever here, and if it does appropriate amends are made.
    Leagues and controlled club racing are the way to go.
  7. I am finding that if you race the 'harder' cars, Mustang, V8 and of late the Star Mazda (not that its that hard) and concentrate on being clean and not getting involved in what looks like its going to be an accsident, then its not too hard to improve everything.
    My licence is C4.72 and ir 1680 odd (or there abouts or maybe more cant remember at this point) Last 2 mazda races were clean and gave me 50 odd points on the lic, more on the irating.
    Get out of the 'trog' races mate and youll be fine.
  8. I agree. I'm driving Stang and it's not very difficult to gain SR. Even though I'm totally unexperienced driver, I manage to get about 8 inc per race, almost everytime resulting from MY mistakes. Not that I hit anyone, but my (short) experience tells me that even if it doesn't look that way, it's YOUR mistake almost everytime (getting banged from the behind is usually not however). Usually you won't get many inc points when driving in the front of the field. And if you drive amongst slower drivers (like me), there's a bigger probability of getting hit, but since iRating is not your primary concern, let these drivers pass. They'll f**k themsleves up anyway (that happens very often).

    We won't be able to help I'm afraid, because this is matter of luck. You can massively increase your odds by predicting, driving carefully and simply being a better driver. I'm sure we all know that, but sometimes it's difficult for us to admit that I might have done something wrong (backmarking... well, nothing to say here). It happens sometimes, but let's be honest, it's not that bad.