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This game is amazing!!!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Richard Head, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. what you think guys? :D
  2. i think you should read the rest of the topics..
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Me too, like it a lot
  4. i too like it a lot and imo has filled the gap nicely between arcade & sim.

    Yes there are bugs and features which don't feel right (such as braking to straighten an oversteering car after catching a normal chunk of inside kerb). hopefully codemasters will be able to rectify them quickly and not leave them to be fixed in 2011.

    Big thing i do miss though is telemetry. I'm no expert in the field but how can you work on a set up without this data? It just comes down to feel - and with an improving track grip level what was the defining factor there? the additional grip provided by the track or your set up change (or even improved knowledge of the track)?

    anyway... i'm well and truely hooked!
  5. One thing that annoys me is that it doesnt let you see your laptimes, sectors etc. Or if it does i certaintly cant work out how to do it, one of the most important aspects of F1 being left out. Also i dont like how when you do your 1st lap of a race, the car 2meters infront of you crossing the line has apparently finished the lap 12 seconds faster than you.. sigh...

    But i really like the game, when you get into it its great, though there are plenty of those "wtf" moments that spoil it, hopefully the patch will fix some of those.
  6. Despite all bugs I find it a great game, best F1 racing experience since ISI's F1 Challenge!
  7. What I miss the most is a replay where you can ride with the AI cars, tweek the camera angles and watch the rest of the race if you get a DNF. All this was in F1 Challenge allmost a decade ago, why not in this game?

    Especially when the game looks so good, they should really have made camera coverage a big feature in the game.

  8. Yep I agree. I think replay function of this game is pants.