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This could threaten FSR

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hi, i currently do lots of videos regarding games like lets plays and so on, for you tube, and i saw this today in a new bulletin, this guy is basicaly saying we should fight it what he says is all true the bill is real !!

    The reason i say it would effect FSR is that FSR streams copyrighted material.. i.e r factor.. cars nd so on.. CRAZY !!
  2. Only in the US I guess ...
  3. Nope its worldwide mate, copyright is worldwide unless stated by the law or creator of the product.. think where the games come from or the videos etc.. if you did it in the uk and put on the internet your broadcasting to the world anyone could tune in.. thats where they get you because its worldwide..
  4. I think the best thing to do is ask the ISI guys. By what I have seen about them there super nice to speak with. I cant see them being to fused about tbo. They might say put some credit to them and they could even use to promote there work like rF2. You not making any money out of the video so it should not be under copy right law I know from reading the box it says you cant use any part of rFactor to make money ie you cant sell it on but your not doing that. Plus under law in the uk if you make the video or take a image of some thing that work is yours it does not matter what it is on you own the copy right on your video not any one else.

    Like I say speak with ISI they will be glad to help you with it
  5. thats a good idea, and its what hes saying in thevideo.. why are they penalising themselves.. how many peoplesee our fsr videos on youtube and join the league from it etc.. therefore purchasing r factor...
  6. Copyright material is applied from country to country often. Likely that if it goes through, unlikely btw, that YouTube will remove anything originating in the US and blocking anything not from the US, so it won't be displayed in the US.

    The bill won't happen in the way they are going on about; even if it did, I'm sure game companies can give blanket permission to upload gameplay/streams etc either way.
  7. I cant see it happening but you never know.. they know they need to crack down on piracy so why not sculpt it all up in one.. i mean the amount of films availabe for download is insane now lol
  8. Eg, Football Manager gives you direct uploads through the game to YouTube, no need for any external paraphernalia, such as Fraps or video renderers/converters.
  9. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Personally I feel it won't get passed - it provides way too much free advertising to the games industry!
  10. I don´t think we have to think about if this is going to threat FSR.

    What I see there on the Video sounds a bit overdramatic.

    If this passes through it just gives game publishers the possibility to take down such content. But I highly doubt any publisher whos games are used in online competition will try to push this through.

    A much bigger problem is the use of protected Logos and Names in Streams and Videos, which has always been forbidden by law, but that´s something we avoid as much as possible.
  11. Its not over dramatic at all mate, its all true, this is what they have been trying to do for years, i know because i do a hell of alot of lets play videos and so on and we as a group are effected by copyright every day they always try and take us down but we always use this bill before its being hanged as our defense and they cannot do anything. if this bill is passed any streaming or exhibiting a game would be banned, i dont think you understand it properly... the games publishers are not involved lol this is congress, they dont decide if they push it through its law.. like you say if the games publishers did push it through it would only suffocate them.. its like free advertising..

    Also Ryan aout football manager yes thats correct, thats what they would be banning because thats up to the game developer.. for now.. lol
  12. Well no, the copyright holder has the right to give whatever permission it sees fit.

    And 99% of games developers will give permission.
  13. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    On the bright side, if the bill is passed I might actually have some free time :wink:
  14. Read the bill lol