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Thinking of trying Iracing?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve O'Malley, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. This post may or may not be of interest to anyone thinking of trying IRacing and will offer a realistic account of what you get for your money. Apologies if its long winded.
    I did a minimal amount of research beforehand which mostly resulted in “Its better than RFactor” or “Its not as good as RFactor” so I took the plunge and spent $12 for a 3 month subscription.
    IRacing is basically split into Road and Oval and so far I have only concentrated on Road.
    What you get is 2 Mazda MX5’s – a Cup and a Roadster. You can practise these on any of the free tracks or you can race online on the track that has been chosen for that week. Tracks change on a Tuesday so for the first week you can race on the Okayama short circuit, on the hour every hour. The following week switches to Lime rock Park, then back to Okayama and so on and so forth.
    You start with a Rookie License. To progress to the next license you need to improve your safety rating (SR). You can do this by racing without any incidents. If you race and go off track, you lose some rating. If you crash you lose some rating. It’s a good system to improve people’s driving standards but getting rammed by someone who forgot to brake means you also lose some of your safety rating and at times the Mazda races were reminiscent of RFactor public servers.
    You can of course lodge a complaint against another driver. This involves saving a recording f the incident, editing it, listing date time etc etc and at the end of the day who can be arsed with all that?
    So, you run a few races and get your D License which allows you to race in the Skip Barber single seater – after you’ve bought it of course for just $11.95. You can test it and race at this week’s circuit – Laguna Seca, which you got free when you signed up. If you want to race next week, you will need to buy Zandvoort – only $14.95.
    In between times I looked at the other free of charge cars, the Solstice – piece of junk – and the Ford Spec racer which looked interesting. This was the next step for me – unfortunately the race that week was at Silverstone – which I didn’t own – so after a quick visit to the IR store- and $14.95 later, I could now race this beast on Britain’s favourite circuit. I did a couple of Time Trials – Time Trial is an event you compete in on your own and you need to do a specified number of laps without crashing or leaving the track – so for example the requirement may be 6 laps. If you put a wheel off on the 5th lap you have to start again so you drive pretty slowly and don’t find the cars limit as you don’t want the tedium of doing it all again. Next step, enter a race. Races start at 30 minutes past every even hour. I entered and turned up on time to find I was the only entrant. If there is less than a specified number of entrants, the race is automatically declared unofficial and you can’t score any SR or IRating points.
    So back to the Skippy then but not being a big fan of a car that handles like a bag of spanners, I took the plunge and invested $26.90 in the Star Mazda single seater and this week’s track – Brands Hatch.
    Put in a bit of practise and found a reasonable setup .Entered my first race. Got hit from behind going into Druids which pushed me across the track and straight into a guy the other side of the hairpin knocking him off and inspiring him to call me an ass. Car damaged race over at the second bend and a swift reduction in my Safety Rating thanks to Car Collision, Off Track, and Car Collision, none of which were my fault, but at least I got called an ass which sort of made up for it.
    During this period I had competed in enough MX5 events very carefully and increased my SR to over 4.0 which you can view in two different ways. Either 1)Great now you can race other vehicles or 2) Great, now you spend more money in the IRacing store
    So as an IRacing veteran of about 3 weeks, and an investment of about $80 I needed to decide what to concentrate on next. Jumped into a couple of MX5 races on Sunday in a bid to increase my SR. Got an incident free finish then a wipe out at the first turn so back to square one with that then thought a bit of practise for the Rfactor F1 1992 might be good for the soul so spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the Rd server, just like old times. So what to do this week. The MX5’s series returns to Okayama short circuit, or I could concentrate on the Skip Barber single seater at Zandvoort – after I’ve bought it, or possibly get right into the Star Mazda which is running this week at the Richmond International Raceway which sounds good – oh hang on, I don’t have that circuit yet but a trip to the store and a £14.95 investment should put that right. Alternatively I could just practise with the F1 92 guys ready for Canada on Sunday.
    Whens RFactor 2 coming out?
  2. I should mention If you want some good clean competitive racing with a bunch of jolly decent chaps the RD F1 92 race will be at Montreal on Sunday. But don’t worry if you don’t have the track, you can download it free via the link in the Racing Club schedule.
  3. Hahaha... I take it from your "When's rFactor 2 coming out" your not that impressed with iRacing then. Really theres nothing wrong with rFactor when you look at it with a open mind. Sure we don't have those Lazar scanned tracks but we all race on the same track. It's no different for you then it is for me when racing it. When it's all said and done the tracks are the only thing that iRacing has over rFactor is it's tracks if it's that important to you to have the tracks 100% correct that is. As far as physics go rF can be better then iR if you find the right mod. Cause that's the trick isn't it. Then avoided open servers. Stick with a league that is moderated and you can't go wrong. That 80 dollars you dropped at iR would have gone a long way as a donation to RD for their server costs. For me that would be the better option. Least I'd know I was getting value for money!
  4. Doug, to be fair I have been a regular RD donator, I certainly don’t mind paying for value, but I was sort of stuck in the F1 1992 mod which meant there was is only one race per week which is fine but I wanted to try Iracing just to see what it was like. The laser scanned tracks really are nice but mean little because as you say we are all racing on the same track so each bump or hollow doesn’t really matter. I don’t want people to think IRacing is rubbish because it isn’t but getting bumped into a split server with people you don’t know isn’t great and the only banter going on is usually people slagging others off for bad driving.
    The one thing in its favour is the hourly races, so if you have a spare hour you can jump in and race. Maybe this is something RD could consider – cost permitting – for RFactor. For example, find a popular mod that has a fairly fixed setup and a rotation of 4 or 5 tracks on a server that runs a race every hour for 20 minutes or so and allows practise the rest of the time.
    Ive still got 2 months or so of my subscription to use but I am faced with racing MX5’s on the same track all week, or going to Skippys or Star Mazdas, both for which I will need to buy a new circuit.
  5. Sounds a bit like the system currently used here. Not a popular method really, fragmenting the drivers, small grids, lack of personality in the events.

    Anyway, nice first post, was thinking about shelling out a few bucks and trying it, but didn't consider the huge running costs for extra content. And no banter.
  6. Very helpful post, I was considering giving it a go but I simply don't fancy spending that much money on a racing sim. I'm relatively new to sim racing and rFactor with the right mods is more than enough to satisfy me until rFactor 2 arrives. Laser-scanned tracks are wonderful but having to part with 15 dollars just to be able to drive my home track Zandvoort is not something I can afford as a student, and having driven on the track a few times myself I can say the rFactor version is not perfect but pretty close to the real thing.

    Again thanks for that post, appreciate it.
  7. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Think you will have to drive it again JL as the iRacing Zandvoort is spot on. Brilliant track with finally the camber's and off cambers correctly. All the bumps, cracks and holes in the tarmac are exactly the same as in real life.

    iRacing is indeed very expensive (if not too expensive) but if racing is your hobby the money should not hold you back from at least trying Zandvoort :)
  8. A very usefull post Mr O'Malley. Like others,i have looked at iRacing but have never 'donated' to it ;-)
    It was the constant shelling out cash for tracks and cars that put me off.
    The reason i started racing sims,with a PC was because it became affordable to me. Tha machine,the wheel set up,the game. All within my reach. One off payments for an endless amout of fun(racing) don't seem to bother my wife lol When it gets to a monthly thing? She start asking too many questions and i have to justify it. ''for a game''? lol
    If money was no object then yes,i would go further and pay more for this kind of game. Then,if money was no object? I'd be single by now and own a real race car with my own race track! lol
  9. Who wears the trousers in your house then Chas?
    Did a few MX5 races last week with mixed results, some good some bad. Next weeks (starting Tuesday) Star Mazda race is at Okahama full circuit which is a car and track I have, so practise tonight and maybe do a few races later this week.