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thinking of buying rf2

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by andrew smith, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. hi guys i would like some advice cause im thinking of buying rfactor 2 can some of you give me some pro's and con's of the simulator and the image attached is my computer specs can you guys tell me if that is enough for my pc thanks guys it would help my decisions

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  2. Graphics card?
  3. where do i find that info
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    The processor of yours might be a little too weak...but if you drop the graphics enough I'm sure it would run it just fine.

    And yeah I'm curious about the graphics card as well. Just go to Start > Computer > 2nd tab from top, and the first option on the left hand side. Then just navigate to your cards.
  5. its says it can do 3.3 ghz with turbo boost lol but i still cant find the graphics card info
  6. Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Drop down the "Display Adapters", your graphics card will be shown there - then close the windows, don't fiddle!
  7. its a intel (r) hd graphics
  8. CPU "onboard" graphics chips like that are not really meant for serious gaming. I recommend buying a real graphics card or the experience with rF2 will be a bit difficult, might not even run at all.
  9. could you recommend a few for me as im no good at choosing stuff like that i more than likley want to put it in my laptop to improve the ghz its a acer aspire 7540
  10. The CPU is strong, better than the strongest Phenom II X4s for example. The onboard GPU on the that i5 Ivy Bridge is still quite crap, on Haswell's i5 it would be at least playable on low settings, but on your current onboard GPU it wouldn't be playable even in single player.

    rF2 works somewhat better with nVidia, and as a minimum you'd need a GTX 750 or GTX 750 Ti to run it rather well.
  11. You can buy GTX 660 for sure, it has still good performance. I bought one few weeks ago and game runs on high.
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  12. I have GTX 670 and I run everything on full :D
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  13. gtx560ti and no fps problems.
  14. Laptop if I understood correct? Forget about upgrading GPU then, laptops are packed so tight you can't even fit custom memory to them.
    For new PC I also recommend GTX 660 / 750 Ti class minimum.
  15. i have a ATI HD Radeon 5670 1GB GDDR5 and it has no problems with the rfactor 2 demo
  16. The problem with RF2 is when there are more than 15-16 cars on the track. I have R9 270x and my FPS drop from 80-90 to under 60 with more than 15-16 cars. I had to lower the graphics settings.
  17. Its credible if I try it with cca 20 AI? As I wrote, I have new GPU few weeks, and I have quite good details. But I tried it only with few cars online, and have no more chance to test it with 15+ online drivers.
  18. Well me too before this Sunday when in the FSR server were roughly about 25 people practicing. At some point I realized that when I was on the main straight my FPS were about 45. It's not a smooth experience... Maybe it will be the same with AI or it's just the custom skins that make that FPS drop, I don't know.
  19. so can rf2 be run off my pc with all the graphics lowered cause the game is 56 pound and i dont want to spend the money on it for nothing
  20. Why don't you just download the demo and test?