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thinking about starting a Team for 2013 WS and WT- Arnchu Racing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tom Kelley, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all.
    Arnchu racing is starting a team up for the first time in World Trophy and World Series.

    About Arnchu Racing: Arnchu was actually founded by a champion amature motorcyle racer several years ago who is a friend of mine. He has given me permission to continue on his great tradition in sim racing as he has since retired and has even lended me he graphic designs for the team logo.
    This will be the first year for Arnchu Racing team starting in FSR!

    Attached is the livery I have started working on. It is a work in progress. Our website has also been recently started up on Facebook:

    If you would like to join Arnchu racing for the 2013 FSR season please send me a summary of your experience in Sim racing and what series you would like to join.

    Arnchu WS team
    #1 Driver TAKEN
    #2 Driver OPEN
    Reserve OPEN

    Arnchu WT team

    #1 Driver TAKEN
    #2 Driver TAKEN
    Reserve OPEN

    Arnchurro WT team
    #1 Driver TAKEN
    #2 Driver TAKEN
    Reserve TAKEN

    -Tom Kelley, Arnchu Racing.

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  4. I have added Arnchurro Racing team (sister team) to move 2 reserve drivers to race seats in WT. A reserve driver will be needed for Arnchu WT for at least 3 races. I would prefer to move to reserve driver for that purpose and fill my slot with a full time driver for the seaon. If you would like to join the team this season I am still accepting applications.
  5. you guys still loking?
  6. Hi, yes, we have a need to fill a WS seat. One of our drivers has requested to fill the open WT seat.
  7. Arnchu Racing team is looking for one WT and one WS driver.
  8. stil looking for an WT driver?
    I'm interested!
  9. bump, I'm still looking to fill a WS seat.
  10. All expenses paid? Apart from the sim of course.
  11. you interested? Oo :D ... Goodluck finding a driver Tom :)

    hopefully my team will see you next year on track!
  12. Maybe :p
  13. pm sent
  14. Responded with an email yesterday already mate :)
  15. Ok, I'm no sure what happend? :confused: I checked my spam folder, everywhere. Would you mind just repling with your email in the PM thread?
  16. can i do WT too this year?:)
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  17. id love to have you pat but i dont think thats permissible in the rules. I filled the 2nd wt seat but the ws seat is still available because xavier has withdawn his request unfortunately.
  18. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    You do know that was a joke right? :roflmao:
  19. yes. However I just wanted to reiterate that the second WS seat is still available.