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Thinking about a gaming chair?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by William Nowell, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. So after running the Daytona 2.4 I've been thinking about getting a more comfortable chair. I would really like to get the Obutto rig, but I'm not sure if I want to invest that much into it. Also it doesn't look like my moniters will fit on it. Here is the chair that I am currently considering.http://http://www.uniquecontemporar...-Chair-with-Top-of-the-Line-Sound-System.html It looks pretty comfortable and has some nice features. I like the fact that it vibrates, it maybe nice when I run up on the curbs and what not. The speaker system is nice but I probably won't use them since the wife will complain about the noise. I use headphones now and more then likely will continue. Anyone here have this chair? What do you think? Anyone have any alternatives?
  2. Links not working for me Will? But i use a Gameracer Pro and while it's under spec compared to what sounds like your after, i can say the chair is the best upgrade i made personally in terms of hardware :D
  3. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    William why not upgrade to Obutto?
  4. One too many http's in Williams link, click here to see the chair he is talking about: http://www.uniquecontemporarysoluti...-Chair-with-Top-of-the-Line-Sound-System.html

    I also use a Gameracer Pro seat with seat risers and like Lee think its one of the best bits of hardware I've bought to enhance my virtual racing career. Its built like a tank, I've been using mine for a few years now and its still solid. If I were to change it though the Obutto would be the one I'd buy as the seat looks a little more comfortable and I could use it for racing, flight sims and FPS.
  5. playseat here. Mine is tucked up under a 40" lcd. If i recall the obutto wasnt setup for lcd that big. Plus the playseat just didnt take up as much space. I've got an office setup next to my racing rig, for those rare times i actually need to work :)
  6. I like the Obutto but by the time I get the basic setup, the triple monitor setup and the table it would be over $700. Also the ad says it supports up to a 24" monitor and I have 28's". I game at my desk but I also do things like surf the net, and other computer uses there as well so the gameracer pro wouldn't work since it sets so low. The one I listed(thanks for the link fix Kevin) has a pedestal and could serve as just a desk chair like I have now. My fear is since I would use headphones and not the built in speakers that the vibration function will not work.
  7. I've got the Obutto basic setup and table - love it. You can Email Chris at obutto and ask him if your 28's will fit. They may, depending on the actual dimensions. Of course, big difference between $170 + delivery what an Obutto runs (your total sounds a little high, but I got mine last fall)
  8. Eric yea that total sounds high but the prices now include shipping: acylic tabletop $110(I need a desk top), triple monitor mount $115, and the cockpit $479. I think the wife would really have something to say about that and she says enough already. I read a post somewhere saying that the triple monitor mount was extended to take 26" monitors, but that doesn't help me much.
  9. Two members at my web-site posted pictures of their Obutto rigs, one is using a 32" screen and the second one is a 40". I'll ask how they mounted them but you can see on the back of the first one it looks like he may have made some custom changes and knowing him thats probably true.


  10. Gameracer pro with seat raisers here William. Its good, but would be better if you could rake the seat abit.
    You could always knock one up with a seat from ebay... ; )
  11. William, I've had the Playseat Evo before getting the Obutto cockpit. On my computer desk I would have my triple monitors, and build a platform with wheels that I placed the Playseat on top of. That way I could place the Playseat under my desk. Raising it up just a few inches definitely helped, as it was just a tad low when I had it directly on the ground. When you're done racing you can just roll the Playseat out of the way. So that might be an option for you if that's what you're looking for.

    Just like Eric I got the Obutto before the prices went up and if I remember correctly the total for the Obutto, triple monitor mounts and acrylic table was about 600 shipped. Looks like the price went up about 100 bucks for everything.

    I found this post in the iRacing forums that you might wanna contact Chris Dunagan as Eric suggested to see if 28 monitors will fit. Read this thread and its Chris' second post and he says that some people have gotten triple 28s to work for the triple monitor mounts on the Obutto. http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1374417.page#2993605
  12. I'm definitely thinking about a rig. Just using a desk and modified computer chair now but everytime I sit down I know the position is a little different and it bugs the hell out of me. I know I will be more consistent with a static and comfortable setup!!
  13. I'd be interested to hear Obutto's Chris's respose regarding 28" monitors. I am about to buy a new PC probably with 2 x 6950 cards (I know Crossfire is a bit hit and miss in iRacing but will be nice for other stuff triple screen - Rise of Flight, the new IL2 game, BFBC2 etc). I have been looking at monitors and am open minded budget wise - started looking at cheapish fast 23"/24" panels then started looking at better quality panls like Dell U2311H but then the Hanns G HZ281HPB - 28" is the same money. They also do a 25" here but I like the idea of 1920x1200 for a slightly taller view.

    I intend to buy an Obutto to connect it all to, The next shipment is not due in Europe until end of March though - also I had heard that some modifications were planned to the Obutto likely to happen by the middle of the year but they will be able to e retrofitted - concerning height / distance of wheel table I think - it moves up and nearer to you - some people want it nearer without higher or further away without being lower presumably.

    I am using a rinoseat and have been very impressed with it - looks flimsy but doesn't flex at all - the only problem is that there is no attachable triple screen mount and it's not comfy for non racing games like flying or FPS - I like the look of the keyboard tray on the obutto.

    Any chance of a pic of your 3 x 28" screens Will - How do you have them mounted ? How is performance in other games - I see you are SLI 470 so would be similar to crossfired 6950's.

    If the 28" screens fit on the Obutto I can't see a better solution unless you get a seat and make a monitor mount but that doesn't look as integrated. Really not sure about the chair you linked - fine for kicking back and gaming with a controller but not sure about using wheel and pedals - racing seats put you in the right position.

  14. just thought i'd add this to give some perspective. 40" with playseat.

  15. Seems like the Obutto will hold the 28" monitors, just not sure if I want to spend that much money. I still use my desk as a work station, when\if I do work. So having a chair that I can game in and work in is ideal. True the seating position is not as accurate to a sim seat but it will have to work. I will dig out the camara and take some pics by the weekend. Any one have this seat????? http://www.uniquecontemporarysoluti...-Chair-with-Top-of-the-Line-Sound-System.html