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These Personal Attacks HAVE TO STOP!!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. YEs i want to destroy everything over disagreements

  2. No i can do something as simple as keep my mouth shut if i dont like something or offer alternative

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  1. i have sat here over the course of a day and Watched yall wage total war on each other its stupid you are all grown men and women i Assume i mean if yall keep it up we will love valued members and content creators so i Beg of you as someone who enjoys all aspects of the racwr commmunity
    to stop the flaming agree to disagree and back out of each other throats i wans around the RSC flamewars but i willnot tolerate readonf flame pose after flame post or ill start rageing at everyone who picks a fight i take attacks on other people personally cause we each give something to the community and its being plain stupid to try to stop one half or another so STOP! its as easy as just not responding if you dont like something
  2. Zatra, I don't think that this is needed. Of course that no-one will vote "destroy everything", because well, nobody wants that to happen. It's normal that from time to time more heated conversations appear on foruns. It then deppends on the education of which one to solve them. My discussion with skyhb is now out of the post pictures thread, and camsinny dropped a bomb and then left... so... everything seems to be fine now! ;)
  3. i appericate yer post but i just made it ti illustrate what will happen over things like that its not really ment to be used but just recognizing its a problem is the biggest way to combat stuff like that i choose to take it and make a crusade out of it basically making an example out of peoples gross misuse of their own keyboards as i said i wasnt around for the RSC flamewars but i wont see it happen here or ill go a Huge campaign against everyone who dare disturb the peace just call me the protector XD lol i dont wanna see Anyone leave the community especially people like you amg sky or Anyone then wed be up that oh so well known creek with no paddle and a sinking ship lets just hope my raging against all of it will be taken to heart and people wont bring their issues out and have it out with everyone
  4. well, Zatra, you're taking this a bit too seriously, because nobody really cares. i know most of it was Skybh, but he's just got a bit of a mouth. nobody really listens to his snarky little remarks. nobody needs to start a "world solution to end internet idiocy". nobody is concerned IMO
  5. Just remember kids
    <removed: not funny at all>
  6. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Warning from Site management:

    Get back in control (Everyone!) and behave. We don't tolerate personal attacks/flame-wars/trolling/etc.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. Right on Ramon!
  8. Everyone has an opinion and that is great, you all need to learn to respect others opinions, even if it's something said about you personally you need to be strong and ignore it.

    Everyone can get a bit passionate and upset and blurt things out on forums etc, so we have to learn to forgive and forget and just remember it's "the internets" not real life :D

    I'm glad to see people being passionate, it shows people care, but see Cam's original thread as constructive criticism, rather than the genuine hate it appears to have been taken as (language barrier issues?)

    Even more reason to take things said on here with a pinch of salt I think! Subtle meanings can quickly be lost so please be patient with each other!

  9. On post picture thread, i've just told my opinion about one thing was annoying me
    I'm right?
    So please ingnore this envent... ;)
  10. its just a bit sad everyone has to throw hisyfits over silly things and even more sad everyone voted to destroy everyones happy community i think its still a bit appaling but im glad admins are ontop of this means i can sit back and watch the banhammers swing if needed
  11. The only person who has thrown a hissyfit is you; grow up.

    The poll has unrealistic results because we think this thread is a joke.

  12. lol ok bro whatever you say ill just choose to ignore that
  13. I really hope you realise that the above message from Ramon was mainly for you...You do know that right?
  14. Be careful, he might choose to ignore you too!
  15. doesent matter its over with anyway i can honestly care less about everything else i defended the right people got my point across and am happy with the results i dont plan to argue with anyone else or have to justify myself in any case so ciao and i wish you a good summer and a safe one
  16. Seems he chose not to ignore you, I guess it's because he could still care less.
  17. yall can be childish and call me out all you want i will not engage you in it so feel free to do it till that oh soo hot place become Very cold but i still will not care so have fun this is my last statement on the matter
  18. Knut Omdal Tveito

    Knut Omdal Tveito
    Premium Member

    It seems like this blowout is (almost) over now and maybe its time to close this thread. We can carry on a constructive debate in the CG vs. non-CG thread?

  19. Yus sir i agree totally if youd like to have a mod close it since its serving as nothing more than for people to taunt eachother anyway
  20. He he. Yeah, in Norway we like constructive debates. Lets move on. :D
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