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There are experts on this forum? Or just players like me?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by spagna, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. More than two months, I tried on this site to get an answer to this question http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ai-pit-stop.126231/
    But the problem is not solved. I already asked the author of the mod but he did not answer. Indeed there are no specialists who could provide an answer?
  2. Stereo already gave you the answer in the original thread. You need to edit the ui_car.json file found in the car's ui folder. If the "range": xx entry isn't in the file then you'll need to add it where xx is the distance in Km that the car can travel on a full tank of fuel at race pace.
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  3. I did everything that I was advised, and all that I have read here in the forum:
    1. ui_car.json - "range": 85 CREATED
    2. Fuel consumption ingame - OFF
    3. Damage ingame - OFF
    4. Practice: 7-9 LAPS, Qual: 7-9 LAPS
    5. ideal_line.ai CREATED
    6. New ai lines with the ingame app on mod tracks - TRIED

    Ford Sierra RS500 DTM go to the pit stop after the first/second lap on some mod+Kunos tracks!
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  4. Then there are other files in the data.acd (tires and other aspects of cars have chaged drastically since the mod was last updated) that need to be updated for the mod to be compatible with the current version of AC. That's a very old mod that was abandoned quite a while ago. Seeing as Kunos already has a Ford license hopefully we'll see an official version of the mod sometime in the future.
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  5. In the future - good! But I want to play DTM Championship now! :) Can anyone tell me what other settings I can change?
  6. Can't always get what you want.... The original creator specifically stated he didn't want the mod modified without his permission. I could take a look at the physics files but even if I could find a fix I wouldn't make it available without his explicit permission so it wouldn't be of much help to you.
  7. Let's find a solution, and the author of the mod will release an update! :)
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  8. I told him about the problem, but he ignores it. I think the problem is the tires. No?
  9. Probably the files "fuel_cons.ini" and "ai_tyres.ini" are missing in the data.acd.
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  10. In fact they do not exist there. I'll try to create them, and check in the game. Thanks!
  11. I took the missing files from the BMW E30 DTM and tested on the track Road America. Sierra has always been there in the pits after one lap. Now NO! Thank you Zull! There are experts on this forum! ;)
  12. You can create the fuel_cons.ini with the dev "AI" app in game, to be more accurate. Or calculate by yourself. The value is: km for 1 liter.
    For the ai_tyres.ini, test the tire wear of each compound, values are max kms before pitting. :thumbsup:
  13. Now I know who on the forum can answer questions! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: