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Skins The Yellow Ferrari 1.2

The Yellow Ferrari inspired by what ML did last year for F1 2012

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    The Yellow Ferrari - The Yellow Ferrari inspired by what ML did last year for F1 2012

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  2. wow looks really good :thumbsup:
  3. thanks buddy :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks a lot for the share and doing this for us! I appreciate you sharing your talents, thank you.
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  5. welcome matey. hope you like it :thumbsup:
  6. *red face*
    thanks a lot matey :thumbsup:
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  7. Can you do DHD version :)
  8. Uhm. Are the pictures from ML if i'm not mistaken? I doubt that those models, helmets are made by you. And the car too. Can you upload a pic for your version?
  9. um sorry, what pic? if you talking bout render, of course that's mine. i don't make a helmets & suits here. just skins. did this on ML template on his 3D model.
  10. theres a link showing the ML version from last year, i made the same mistake at first as i clicked on that for the pics
  11. i want, but my PC is not strong enough for saving DHD texture :(
  12. Now it's correct but firstly you uploaded the render of ML into the description. Now I see your work. Great job mate :thumbsup:
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  13. i don't see i put ML's render here.... :cautious: LOL
    i just put the link to ML's ferrari as credit there. but don't worry. i'm not angry :p


    and thank you very much mate :thumbsup:
  14. Uhm. I said that before you replied to my post your resource had ML's renders as pictures but whatever.
  15. oh yeah mate, i've some question.
    how do you save the DHD texture (format : DDS DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp interpolated alpha)? using PS or any software?
    in photoshop, if i save the DHD texture to DDS it took very long time and harm my PC.
  16. I save them as BMP file then conver them using DDS converter. I know. Even if I try to save a HD texture as dds it takes me 5-10 minutes. Not to mention the DHD. That freezes my PC. I use a converter mate. If you would like to get your hands on it I can send it to you.
  17. i also have a converter, using good ol' X2Y. but it's converting the texture to dxt1. not dxt5.
    ok thanks for your help :x3: :D
  18. lol, saving HD texture 5-10 minutes? You have the same CPU as have I, same amount of RAM (if I am not mistaken 8GB), so why would it take so much longer for you? It takes not even one minute for me to save a HD texture.
    But I use paint.net maybe it saves faster(?) But I would wonder.
  19. my PC with 4GB of ram, AMD Radeon HD7450M 1GB, and Intel core i3 can save HD DDS texture in 2-3min, but if i save DHD DDS directly on PS, it took 30min or more. then my PC turn into zombie for a moment -_-