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The worst ffb of any racing game I've played

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by smasha, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. smasha


    F1 2011's ffb is terrible.
    I've followed a million threads on ffb advice and it still feels awful.
    There is this centering force and a notch at the centre of the wheel that makes it so annoying.
    I've turned down ffb but that notchy return to centre ffb is still there.

    I'm used to iracing,Netkar pro and even old sims like GPL or even GP4.
    All of them have vastly better ffb.

    F1 2011 have nailed the graphics but I can not play this sim with my wheel (g27).

    It's a better game with a gamepad.

    The FFB actually is designed for a gamepad.

    The FFB is way too strong and mushy with that return to centre notch that drives me nuts and I reckon alot of people who report broken wheels,well it's because of this game.

    Hope Codies fix the FFB in F1 2012.

    I enjoy the game very much(with a gamepad).
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  2. I agree 100%. I was OK with the FFB in F1 2010 and *accepted* it in 2011, but after playing iRacing it is VERY hard to go back to ffb in this game. Feels absolutely terrible IMO.
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  3. Strange I'm right on the opposite. No I don't like it at all but I feel the wheel too lose, not strong. I've played Race 07 and GSC and there the FFB is way stronger and the feel is very good. In F1 2011 I just can't feel anything. The wheel turns too easy and it's like it's turning right or left automatically with minimum force.
  4. Ya i too Feel Nothing i set all the FFB to 100 % and i can only feel the riding of Kerbs and Straight line Force and Loosing the Rear Except that there was nothing in FFB for me i hope i can get some more feel of Car in 2012
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  5. May be its because F1 2011 is the first & only game that i play with wheel so far so i didnt feel anything wrong with it, i do feel weight & feedback from the wheel according to what am doing on the road & the wheel can be extremely hard to turn if i set the weight too high.
  6. Trust me it's ordinary, try GSC 2012, rf2, netkar pro, FVA, GTR Evo....and from memory, Dirt2 had very good FFB, Dirt3 was okay, but a very arcade driving model.
  7. I dont get it, The FFB with my g27 nearly snaps my wrist off when the back kicks out and i have to turn it down to 50% and weight to 40 as its too powerfull.

    i adjust in devices > g27 > profiles ect.
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  8. I not so sure about that, my logitech driving force is ok, the wheel can be very light & no feedback or extreme heavy and lot of feedback depend on how i set them . May be I try it with some other game next time if i have those game :)
  9. I have a DFGT and G27, I thought DFGT was ok when I first got it, now I think it's a joke by every criteria except buttons.
    G27 is a significant upgrade over DFP/DFGT, and the extra precision of a G27 allows you to go faster, which allows you to access the heavier FFB near the limit.
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  10. I got G27 three weeks ago and i can't play with out the 100% FFB it felt like there is nothing to Hold And turning is way too easy and Driving with 100% gave me lot more Idea of Turning the wheel

  11. ok but where are you changing the settings.......dont want to sound stupid but did you upload the latest drivers.

    seriously my setting will break your wrist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. Mine Driving Force as well. It super heavy & almost impossible to turn with high enough speed if i set my wheel weight to 100% and the wheel will shake like hell if i run into sand or rough surface for higher ffb setting .. :cool:
  13. I was using the Latest Ones only mate
  14. If you set your FFB too high you may experience FFB "clipping" where you're only actually feeling a small amount of the range of the FFB signal.

    Check this thread out.
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  15. My in game setting for environmental effects 20% - feedback strength 50% - wheel weight 20% & i feel really all right with them ... never go 100% so not sure how it would be :)
  16. @mr.pibb can you say at what Settings i can get the Better feel
  17. @Kartik Sri Harsha:

    It is my opinion that your FFB is not just down to your game settings, but a COMBINATION of your game settings PLUS your profiler settings.

    For example, I'm using a Logitech G25 base, so I have these settings for my G25 profiler:

    These work in combination with the ingame settings:

    I got these settings from someone else, and when I first used them I thought they were a bit light, but once the car gets up to speed I can feel the grip pretty good alright. I use a much smaller wheel rim than the standard G25, so these settings may be a bit light if using a standard G25 wheel. But I personally prefer "feel" to brute strength, so am happy with a light wheel.

    I use the 2% braking deadzone so I can feel the turbulance of the car in front. I know that sounds odd, but without it I don't get wind buffeting effect. Go figure.
  18. Well i will Try them Basically i prefer Over steer so i need to adjust Steering to those conditions and i will let you how i feel
  19. My Driving Force Settings :D