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The 'What's going on in your game' thread

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by TheFlamingRed, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. As someone who is interested in making mods altering balance and gameplay tweaks - I'm always interested in how others are finding the game and what their experience has been. I am sure lots of people also have some stories to share - so thought I'd start this.

    I decided for my first play-through (after testing) was to try the Manager Mogul Challenge - So began with Archer (using medium races).

    For a team with 7th place expectation, they're actually really powerful thanks to their factory upgrade. I aggressively developed the car, keeping Sadel and Rogers as my main drivers, and Sadel managed to actually come in second overall, along with my team coming second. The thing about the starting condition of this lueage, is that you really don't need to come in 1st or 2nd very much at all to get high in the points, as there is only a 1 point difference between any place. So Archer, which promotes two drivers to be equal, having a decent consistency (along with the fact that the leaders start from the back) makes for an easier then most championship.

    The next year, I hired Rodrigues in place of Rogers (who wasn't that good)... Little did I know Rod is massively overpowered. He won the championship with very little help from me. The car was in the midfield now, but Rod probably didn't need it. The Constructors was ours by a small mile.

    I rejected promotion though, as I realised my Finances probably wasn't going to cope in Tier 2 - (I would have been right) so did the next season, Winning in an even more dominating manor. I don't understand how Rod can go from last to first, but he can - and with 10Million saved, up we go.

    I was expecting that Asia would have been a short one season visit for us - especially seeing as the championship had adopted a "Top 6 Points finish only" Rule. I didn't think I would have a single point - but it turned out not to be the case. I had since resigned Sadel as a number 2 driver, and gave my best parts of Rod to see if he could get a point. In the first race, he was in 7th with 4 laps to go, with a gearbox on 4% durability. Not about to bring him in with the chance of a point, he stayed out and kept the gearbox safe, but didn't score - a real nail-biter at the time.

    However, through the season, Rod improved his positions, coming 3rd more often then not, while Sadel picked up some points here and there. We came third in the championship overall, which was huge for the fact we had just promoted, and started with about the 7th worst car.

    I weighed up my options at this point. I could try and take Archer to the World Title, and develop the HQ more and get the car in shape and then work my way through to and up the top tier... but I know my next playthrough will be to take Predator to the top - so looking at the jobs at the end of the season, I saw Not-Farrari's manager's Job was at risk. I put in my name, and a day later, I joined them just before pre season.

    They had come second that year. I was eager to see what kind of car they had, and was met with this

    So Not-Farraro really like to push the rules (there is a further 5 triangles which I didn't get on the screen). But at least the car is in good shape for next year.

    I am hoping to complete the challenge this season - as I had done two races and 12 constructors points ahead (top 5 points system). I signed two nearly 5 star drivers in McGraff and Flare (sp?).

    But a little bit of me was sad to see Archer go, so I checked up on them. - They're still third on their Asia League - with Rod getting One win from two races - so he's still overpowered and it's nice to see that the team is doing well! :D
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  2. Love the Not Ferrari using dodgy parts Haha!

    Would certainly be interesting to see how others are getting on! I will try to make a proper post over the coming days.
  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    I was thinking if I should start a new game, and either make it a typical "Manager Story" on the forum (like you often see on Football Manager forums), or make it a youtube-series. This thread saved me from that.

    I chose Vexala Motorsport, as I found the team interesting as it was pretty good overall, but with non-existent facilities. It also helped that the team was Nordic.

    Season 1: Didn't quite know what to expect from this game, and it was a bit of trial and error in the start. Mostly errors actually in the first two races. However, due to the reversed grid system down in ERS I managed to claw myself back pretty good. Actually so good that I managed to be in the lead in the Team Championship going in to the last race. However, as I didn't know that there were promotions and relegations, and and thus didn't know that it was based on the team championship, all my focus was on Sergy Antonov going in to the last race, and poor Väänänen was just as a guinea pig throughout the weekend. It worked out, kinda.

    Season 2: Got my prize money, and used quite a lot on a couple of buildings for my team. When the time came to make a new chassis, I just barely had enough money to make it the way I wanted, but that meant I had no chance to build any new parts at the start of the season. I didn't know that we could be in debt in this game... But that made it possible to use all our time to focus on reliability, and that paid off nicely.
    Again Mr.Antonov from Russia got the first priority in the team, as his contract said, while Mrs.Väänänen had to use the second best parts.
    According to the graphs the team had the 4th best car that season, a step up from my first year, where the car was supposed to be 5th best. The season went much better than the last one, but due to the scoring system, it was very tight again.

    Season 3:
    Ok, now I knew I had to save up some prize money to the car, also I needed to sign some new guys. Väänänen got a year extension on her contract, while Antonov was going into his last year in the team. I told my chairwoman that my goal was top 2, I signed a new race mechanic and a new lead designer. At least I still earned money for each race. I had also used much of my saved voting power to vote through a point system with points for top 10. As I thought that it would benefit me. Also, this year, the team was supposed to have the 3rd best car.
    I went into the year with one single goal. Win the double. And we made it! Pretty solid as well, no doubt helped by the new point system. It was time to move up the ladder!

    Season 4: New series, new expectations. One of them was that I would get quite a bit more money. Well, I was wrong. After making my chassis, picking 8th as the season goal (with the 9th best car), I suddenly realized that I would loose money for each race with proper drivers. At this point of the season I had no drivers. I had let the contract for both Väänänen and my three time ERS champion Antonov run out, aiming for better drivers. That didn't work out. I went through all the drivers I had scouted that was a pay driver, gave them all a contract, and decided to choose them on a basis on who would give me the most profit, but also had more than 2.5stars.
    In the end I had a poor driver pairing, but I earned money. Also decided to develop the car with slow tracks in mind, and that was my one and only focus. Something that worked nicely, Valburga Kumar managed to get three 5th places, while Claire Talley struggled to make it into top 15 regularly. Phew, dodged a bullet that season

    Season 5: This is the season I have just started. Saved up loads of my money throughout the last season, saved max each race with the idea of having much money to use on the new chassis. I also didn't extend Talleys contract. And ended up signing 21 year old Chica Baltazar, almost 4 stars (lacks a 'tag' of the 4th star), but already maxed her potential. However, she is easy on fuel and a Wet Weather Pro (Which give a 2+ boost on all starts when it's wet). That are very positive traits to have at this point. The issue now however, is that I loose money for each race - for the first time in my time at Vexala. This will be a make or break year. Not in the sense that I have to win. But I feel I am in a need of a top 5 in the Team Championship to be able to get enough money to keep this team floating. Also the HQ haven't been upgraded since off-season between Season 1 and 2. But who doesn't like to live dangerously? The first race ended quite good.

    So, that's where I am at the moment. I really want to get Vexala to Not-F1 before starting a new game :)

    Note: As the drivers aren't highlighted if they are not in your team at the moment, I've put a little lightning on the driver standings from earlier years, to point out my drivers :)

    Note 2: As there is a 5 picture limit pr.post here, I didn't post anything else. If for some reason someone wants to see anything else, give me shout or something :)
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  4. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Let's go: I'll mention a bit more on my review that I'm writing for this game, but here goes:

    All my season I'm doing is with Silva racing, because Brazil, duh.

    Season 1: No idea how it would go, but I picked Silva Racing since it was an intermediate team. The staff was good, the car was OK (was the 6th best in ERS), the drivers were good, but the HQ was garbage. I learned slowly the in and outs of the game, focusing on parts reliability and upgrades, and managed to grab 1 or 2 podiums by the end of the season and a win and 4th overall in the standings.

    Season 2: Maintained all staff and a considerable budget on the car so by the beginning of the season I had the 4th best car in the grid and some money. We invested on the car, but we struggled in a few races and lacked to do a good result. However my best driver (Amanda Calvacanti) nailed a 2nd spot in the Drivers Champ and we got also 2nd in the Constructor standings. End of season we had a good amount of money and onto S3.

    Season 3: OK all the right move in the right places. I had the budget, the drivers, staff (brought a new mechanic for Amanda) and sponsors to help me out in the task. Best the 2nd best car in the grid and by the end of season I had a basically unbeatable car for Amanda. My other driver (Eduardo Melo) had a great car but his lack of consistency didn't always get him good results. Got the best parts, a new lead designer helping us out. Result: 12 podiums, 4 wins, Amanda's driver champ and we win constructors. We get promoted but then...

    Season 4: I regret season 4 thus farand moving up to the Asian Pacific Cup. After S3, I went a bit bold and removed Eduardo and his mechanic for two supposedly better ones. I got Laura Ingledew and a British engineer to work with Laura. Budget was low since expectations were to be the 7th best team in the grid. The car I had a lot of budget to go full with the best parts but I made one upgrade thus far and I'll have to work hard on car reliability and save money for the rest of the season and avoid being full red by EOS. Luckily I'm playing the strategy game with all races and both Amanda and Laura are getting good result respectively with 2 races in. 4th place in Singapore and 8th/9th in China. Keep on working.
  5. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Remember you can be at -5 mill EUR.
  6. speedyx56


    Started a new game with Archer BMR after my first one with ZRT got stopped by the "car getting worse at the end of the season" bug. Thought I'd try having a full female team by the time I got into notF1 because why the hell not. :D

    Season 1 : Hired the ERS Lord and Savior Rafael Rodrigues (praise be) after the second race, he then somehow managed to win every single race left this year. Also got into a fight with the team's chairman because he heard him criticize his driving. :roflmao:
    Oh and my designer thought leaking info about our cars to an other team would be a good way to make some pocket money.

    Season 2 : After making loads of cash thanks to Rodrigues (praise be), I hired Sofi Nevilla and new mechanics. She apparently found God and got a +2 boost in all stats (I think ?), getting a 2nd place on the championship, right behind Rodrigues (praise be).

    Season 3 : Got promoted to APS, had the 7th car on the grid. Rodrigues (praise be) somehow found a way to win every race save one (Vancouver), where he finished 2nd because I messed up my strategy. Sevilla placed 6th in the championship.

    Season 4 : Let go of Rodrigues (praise be) and Sevilla to hire Olga Makarova and Chiaki Hashimoto. They did a 1-2 in every race with Chiaki eventually coming on top in the rankings. Meanwhile Olga entered a cult, then became one of its leaders. During pre-season she dropped the cult thing and Chiaki apparently developed feelings for her. Olga also gave a few knuckle sandwiches to her mechanic during testing, because that's how you build a healthy relationship with your coworkers, right ? :D

    Season 5 : Olga snatched Beijing from Chiaki who won everything else up to Sydney where I stopped playing for today.
  7. I am so modding in a 'praise be' trait to Rod.

    Everyone has done well here, is the AI too weak? Or drivers too strong (praise be)
  8. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Not sure, I feel like I am overperforming, but then again, I am not imposing rules to myself that's not in the game.
    From the AI behavior it looks like it is supposed to be that we have to use at least 2 different dry compounds in a dry race. But that's not in the game at the moment. This way I can skip a hard tyre if it is much slower (especially on some races there are quite a bit difference between the tyres brought to the race). I think that might help me a bit.

    I do think that I will impose that rule on myself when I start a new game, unless it is patched in, so I have to do it.
  9. It just seems odd that some of us are getting promoted - or coming second, with cars which are less then half as good as the top teams. It's not because our cars are faster, but more likely

    1 - our drivers are a little too strong (Looking at you Rod)
    2 - The AI's strategy is so bad that we're easily able to exploit it and get to the end of the race faster.

    It's not such a big issue in Not-F1. Williams really struggles to compete with the top three teams - their performance is just a little to far apart for strategy to exploit - but once you get closer - its the same story.

    So either, 1) We modify the way the tyres work to make the AI's natural strategy to be better (though we can probably still be better then them)
    2) We modify the the AI's Strategy (there's an Asset AI race simluation, which is just IF THEN statements deciding their tyre, fuel and pit use.
    3) We modify the starting spread of the field to be larger. This will make the AI less close - and thus may effect the amount of racing we see, but it will make the car design gap a lot more noticable. - This can actually be done further by adjusting the important of the 'Critical' Parts
    4) We modify the effect of Drivers to be less (to remove some of the 'Rod effect'?
    5) Nerf us in some other ways (I was thinking of giving the player the Negative adjustment of all the starting backgrounds, but that looks like an Injector mod is needed)
    6) We hide some of the visible data. E.g., the setup smilies (So you are left with a final percentage, not what bars are working and which ones are not), the research slot text (remove the description, so you have to experiment to see which slots seem to be doing what. Meaning Upgrading a part will be more random and may not show as much improvement).
  10. speedyx56


    It's most likely this yes. I often see them stay in Overtake mode for a lot of laps, leading to them going in Low mode to actually stay within their strategy. They also seem to not care about exploiting their tires fully, usually pitting when they reach about 40% left. This means that while I'm doing my usual 2 stops strategy (just enough fuel to push the fastest tires in the 20-15% while being in High mode) the AI ends up doing 3 (sometimes 4 !) stops which just increases the gap.

    It seems that in ERS and APS the pilots are actually much more important than how good the car is. In season 5, my cars had the second best suspensions and it only took a +25 upgrade to have the best thing. If you take a look at the cars ranking right after a race, you will also see that your cars are rated a few places higher provided you have good reliability which would indicate that the gap between top and bottom teams isn't that big.
  11. I started analysing the AI strategy in the modding tips thread and came to the same conclusion. Trying to decide if it's better to edit their strategy, or edit the tyre wear / attack speed gIn weight to be less impactful.

    It may well be worth editing the cars original stats to have a larger spread :)
  12. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Interestingly enough,I always pit 3 or 4 times in race, and I have had great success. Even with my two pay drivers in season 4, I got better results than what the car should be able to, and that was in APS.
  13. Is this bug still an issue?
  14. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Yes, and no. They haven't fixed anything, and it is a bug. However, your car are getting better (if you use your resources on the car), just a bit slower than it's supposedly intended to.
    I have yet to have car that is ranked worse than the car I had the year before ;)
  15. Manager Moguel

    Well, one season with Not-farrari and the season was basically a cakewalk... almost a slog infact, with so many races and not much in the way of challenge. Lippoden (sp? Not-Bottas) was picked up by Not-Merc and was the only one who gave us any challege. In a couple of races, he vanished 30 seconds into the lead, but on more then one occasion he was caught with illeagle parts - something I didn't need to rely on in Not-Farrari.

    Both my drivers (Not Verstappen and Not... who is Flores Not?) finished First and second and thus the titles were won with easy. Got the Manager Moduel done in season 5 - moving away from archer for that final season (archer finished 5th in the APSC - so they did well enough without me).

    My Conclusions: The Player is overpowered - the AI goes for odd choices of tires and burns through the softest ones too quickly - often choosing to go on harder tyre during two stop races, when actually the soft tire is the most optimal as it will easily survive a two stop race for each stint. The AI also doesn't upgrade its car very optimally, as in my Not-Ferarri year, the only best on grid part I had was the rear wing... by the end of the season, I had the best part on grid on everything other then front wing (this may now change with the latest patch - but I wouldn't imagine much).

    So now I begin the next challenge, one I expect to take me longer anyway (as I can not jump between teams) but I have made some mods to ensure that my challenge is great:

    Predator Challenge Setup

    Buildings - Decided to let the Road Car Factory be unlocked at Design Level 3 (instead of 4). Means the upper tier AI can build it sooner and have finer finances (as a Tier 3 - I won't be able to take advantage of it for a long long time anyway). I was going to make the Telemetry Centre and Simulator dependent on the Staff Housing level 2 (instead of just design and factory) but I am not 100% sure if the game recognizes this change - as Staff Housing isnt currently a dependent for anything else. I'll check the code for the future, but for this playthrough, everything else is default.

    Championship - Changed prizemoney to 100, 200, 400 (from 125,250,500) for each tier. There was always a bit too much spare money floating around - the better teams won't be too effected by this change because...

    Rules - (1) I changed the Merit Payments to be more severe. (e.g., Tier 3 equal 1st/10th = 10M/10M - Standard 1st/10th = 12M/8M, High 1st/10th = 14M/6M, Very High 1st/10th =16M/4M..... Originally 12M/8M was Very High) This means the better teams are in much better shape then lower teams based on the rule.

    Rules - (2) Pit lane speeds 40 (from 50) and 80 (from 70) for the low / high pitlane split. - as so far I hadn't even notice this rule changed anything.

    Rules (3) Changed the top 5 points from 8,6,4,3,2 to 6,4,3,2,1 - because that seems far more normal!

    Default Parts - Changed each tier's starting parts to have twice as much spread. I.e., Predator has gone from rearwing (1) to rearwing (1), while the best team has gone from rearwing (100) to rearwing (200).

    SingSeaterDesignData - (1) Increased Critial Part performance spread - which should increase the importance of car performance (2) increased tyre wear, heat management and fuel efficency effects of chassis - so they actually mean something such that investing in a good chassis helps (3) increased effect of track tire and fuel properties. (4) decreased wear of Push and Attack for the AI's benefit. (5) Increased the change setup time delay from 5s to 45s so its not optimal to keep changing setup until perfect.

    I'm also playing the game as an Unknown - as each and every backstory is overpowered.

    My Injector (thanks to Crashed) currently changes:
    • Moves Redzone from the default 20% to 40%, such that the decision to repair vs risk to stay out is less ambiguous.
    • Changed Player Race Management stat increase from a 0.5 max increase to 0.2 - as it leveled far to quickly last time... as I can't change teams, this won't matter - but I am keen to see if it works.
    • Changed Scrutineering Chance to half - as I think its current value is too much to warrent investing in risky parts to use for the race. (it's almost too guareneed to be found out in low win two or three races. let alone having some mediums or highs!)
    • Changed lower bound of the funds to be -1,000,000 from -5,000,000... as my boss normally doesn't like to be 1M in debt, let alone 5
    • I also have his toggle AI active via F10 (for experiments and testing) and his camera zoom changes (because I kinda like getting a closer zoom)/
    Edit: So.... Started the challenge.... and am terrified... Second Vote is: "Introduction of Very High Merit Payments!"

    Preview - (just an update on if the modifications are having an effect). So... 3 races in and we're backmarkers. Proper Backmarkers! Exactly where we should be. Just had the Milan Race, and I got in Rodrigues in for Evans - a move that would normally see Rod dissapear into the midfield at very least, and being a good half dozen positions above Santa Ana.... but Nuh Eh! 15th (Santa Ana) 17 (Rod).... now, Rod could have been 14th, but was forced to pit for brake repair (as per the 40% redzone... I gambled and it didnt pay off). But 14 was his limit, he wasn't getting near 13th. Infact, him staying 14th would have been a push, he could well have been 15th (Ana demoted to 16th as Rod would be ahead).

    The reason they're both that far up is because 2x Retirements from ZRT, 1c Retirement from a Firebird. Roid was last because of the extra pit needed. in 16th, a Dragon racing team which made an extra stop then us (this is Milan - easy two stops). 14th, and the reason Rod probably wouldnt have held on, was an Eastwood who had managed to make 4 stops! He must have had incidents, as he also had the fastest lap of the race points! So Rod couldnt do anything anyway. In short, Car Performance is now far far far greater then drivers (the mighty Rod couldn't do anything with the pig of this Predator with this mod) and strategy - especially strategy

    because this is MILAN (on medium race). This was my guarenteed win with Archer, two stops, all softs. But the Predator tyre wear is bad. Santa Ana could barely get the tyres to last 7 laps (21 lap race) so I decided a middle medium stint. Rod's good smoothness meant he was able to do 9 laps on the softs - so did Soft, Soft, Soft while the AI did some mediums... but it didn't matter. He was still impeded too much by the car. A better car, he would be more competitive (and reliable). Overall, its working as intended for now. I'll do more testing, but I think its a good balance of added features to make the car the most important thing - which is very almost always is. It won't be everyone's cup of tea though, I could potentially narrow the the critical part importance area, as my change there was agressive.

    One thing that I do like though... is that there were 4 retirements! 3 at the back as stated above, and one was 3rd, who must have literally retired going over the line as he wasn't a lap up. Or he retired on the 'in lap'
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  16. Modded Predator Season 2016 (part 1)

    So far, not so good. Santa Ana's trait 'Hates Dueling' is now -9 Overall when someone is one second within her. And Evans -10 Overtake 'Action Averse trait" prevents him from overtaking. I suppose their saving grace is the fact that the car is so bad they wouldn't be able to overtake / defend anyway.

    Race 1: 16th/18th - Firebird and Garuda Retired and crashed giving us the positions. The only car we beat on track was Dembele from ZRT Autosport who finished 17th. Evens had a 2nd Lap rear win incident, and had to pit - and then serve a drive through for the incident. He was 5 laps down by the end. Santa Ana had a solid run, but could do nothing other then keep infront of Dembele.

    Race 2: 16th/17th (Evans/Santa Ina) Evans did brilliantly from third, managing to keeping in the position for about 5 laps before slipping down the order. Just as he was falling into Ana's clutches, a safety car came out, and it was at a time worth pitting both cars, unfortunately making Ana queue and lose several positions. Despite this, Evans did excellently to keep his place ahead of her. Again, one Retirement and one crash (Octane and Firebird) and the slow Dembele prevented us from finishing at the back.

    Whats really good about having car performance be the main factor - is that now I am in a really tough 9th/10th battle with ZRT Autosport. Valdes, Finished 14th/14th - so we sit on 17pts, Firebird are on 21. Valades is able to get the performance out his car which Debele cannot. But so long as Valdes is there - its likely he's going to be able to beat us too.

    The game is quite interesting like this . Rather then aiming for a high position, my race strategy now revolves around trying to finish ahead of both the ZRT's over everything else.

    So, for the next race we're going to bring in our secret weapon - Rodrigues to see how much he can bring out of the car. .

    Side notes: Kitano Sport are in the lead in WMC - with Vezquez leading the Driver's standing by 10 points!

    Race 3: Rod was sitting in 16th for a lot of this race, with Ana behind some 20 seconds. On lap 30ish, both ZRT's were behind us. Valades takes a few laps, but he gets past both Ana and Rod without too much difficulty. But I was hoping to stay with him - as he was Red Triangled so I looked to take advantage... However, 3 laps from the end, Rod retired due to brake failure. My sadness at losting all the 2/3 points by letting the other past was cut short when Valades retired 20 seconds later. We finished 15 - Ana, 16 - Dembele, 17 - Valdes (ret) - 18 - Rod - 19 - Archer BMR (Retired) - 20 Another Firebird Retirement.

    Not what I was hoping for - was wishing that having Rod would bring a new level to the car - but apparently it's just too far behind. Suddenly, I am overjoyed, for Valdes gets demoted to 19th from scruitingeering, and Rod is promoted to 17th!! :D

    Now, we're one point behind ZRT, in one of the tightest battles I've had in the game yet. .
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  17. Still on my first original career, started with Octane in ERS. Spent the first few seasons learning the ropes, slowly climbing up the pecking order. Promoted after season 5 with 2 driver's titles and 1 constructor. Signed Balcazar and Pernet once I got to Asia series. Somehow I have the 8th best car in the series but I'm getting qualifying 1-2s and winning 3 out of 4 of the races so far. The drivers I signed (4 and 4.25 stars) are just completely overpowered to the point where I've lost interest for a bit. I don't think throwing a Mercedes driver into a Renault would see them getting poles and wins. :roflmao: Serious balance issues are no fun.
  18. Dux


    I am disappointed from the game. No deeper history no drivers history or thorough stats. Just continue continue race continue do some parts continue continue and thats it. Nothing much to read or to influence in any way. No rivalries. For a sport where the history is the major thing, not to include it in this type of a game is a suicide.
  19. So, while gathering data, I have reverted to my old Archer Savefile from the original post... went to see what Van Dort was doing - only to see that their designer and manager was an idiot....

  20. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Season 1: MRT Firebird in the ERS. After demoting Gérard only 2 races in, everything went uphill. His replacement, Bukhalova, nailed the first three races consecutively thanks to reversed grids. I won 7 out of 10 races, 5 of which Bukhalova won. My other driver Sabado had the advantage of driving two more races. Only 2 wins and 3 podiums for him, but he nailed the title due to the retarded point system and fastest laps. Last race was a massive joke though. There were two points seperating Bukhalova (1st) and Sabado (2nd). Last 10 laps, Weather was heaviest possible rain. Sabado in 4th and Bukhalova in 6th. Bukhalova locking up so often that she needed to pit. (luckily 90% of the drivers did so, Sabado didnt.) I shouted at my screen, haha you blew your own championship stupid ****. Last lap, Sabado locks up twice and blows his tyres, struggeling to get to the line. Result Bukhalova 6th, Sabado 7th (with fastest lap). Now I shouted at him for blowing your own championship.
    So basically Bukhalova would have won by two points difference.
    Then GMA came knocking on my door. They decided that after 10 races, my suspension was illegal. Bukhalova demoted two places. Sabado champion by 2 points. I call matchfixing.

    Season 2: MRT Firebird in the Asia Pacific Cup. Biggest mistake ever. Car was slow, drivers were slow and no results achieved. Also a negative balance and negative income. Gladly a place opened up at Boa Esperanca and they hired me. Now competing at the top again winning my first race for them. (Thats my story so far)