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WIP the "UN-NAMED" track project

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Chris Mackenzie, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Hi All.....I have a fantasy track in the works, still working on it and still learning heaps as I go (partly the reason for the delays)

    At this stage the track is known as "bobstrackbuilder" simply because I havent thought of a name for it yet.

    The track itself is a multi-layout venue (could be 4 variations - still undecided on that) initial release will be a short "forest loop" track of about 3.9km in size (allowing me to work on the other variations while people are using the loop version) Track includes a long forest/hill section and a small infield deviation as well. so variations could be:

    1: Forest loop (initial proposed release)
    2: Long track
    3: Forest loop - infield deviation
    4: Long track - infield deviation

    Forest loop track (1) is a realitively simple layout, quite high speed with a couple of tight corners and a couple of little challenging spots thrown in as well - from memory I lapped it in about 1.21min in a "standard" formula 3000

    Maximum grid of 22 cars can line up for the start. Tracks are completed, Cameras are in place.

    Things left to do are: sort out startlights, place a few more objects around the place and tidy up .GDB and .AIW files (set grids etc etc)
    I would say release (1) is probably about 98% complete, and I'll be looking for some "testers" in the next little while....

  2. cool - just looking for more RACE series hilly country type circuits thismorning LOL
  3. Oh darn! another issue I picked up last night in a "test" it seems that some of my rumble strips arent registering - "drivable" tick box is checked but no FFB or recognition of the car running over them......hopefully an easy "replace them" fix.

    Objects as good as placed - just a few more to finish off the appeal......
  4. Are the ripple strips sobjects or textures - if they are textures you will need to set the rf material as "rmbl" (RuMBLe)
  5. Nah got it sorted.....my "HAT" file was out of date - updated that and all is good.......