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The TX clicking!! The damn notchy clicking!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Globespy, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Ok. So yeah, it's annoying me.
    I've had this issue on my TX/VG28 rim pretty much since I purchased new about 6 months ago. I can't say it really interferes with the control of the car, it's just really annoying to have this feeling all the time. It's just slightly to the right and left of the center, this little audible and physically felt 'click' or 'notch'. It happens every time the wheel passes by center. I've tried messing with every FFB setting under the sun, but can't get rid of it - I can minimize it, but at the expense of a lot of feel, a pointless solution. I've read that Pcars settings such as deadzone or relative adjust bleed could rectify, but I've had no luck.
    Thrustmaster (and other owners I've spoken with) initially told me that it would go away after the wheel "breaks in". I think after hundreds of hours it's safe to say it isn't going away. It's still there in Dirt Rally, so I'm pretty sure it's not specific to Pcars .

    I'm really considering having it replaced, but cautious that it's just an inherent problem with this product and I'll get another base with the same issue.
    I've found very little information other than a couple of other posts that never followed up to say what happened. One post was clearly a serious issue with the wheel, which I'm sure was replaced, the other exactly the same as mine but the poster never bothered replying regarding resolution.
    I guess I could dig out the 458 Italia wheel that came with the TX (never used it or the stock pedals - bought the V28 rim and T3pa pro pedals a month before they offered them all separately) to see if it still clicks. The VG28 rim is much more substantial than the 'toy' stock rim.

    Hopefully one of you FFB experts can help me resolve this as I'm really not looking forward to being with a wheel for up to 6 weeks (awesome customer service thrustmaster!!)
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  2. No idea about your core issue and the clicking, but fwiw Fanatec has a 1 week, MAYBE 2 week turnaround if your unlucky.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Looks like Thrustmaster have a 2 week turn around also. They must have improved! I think I'll just buy a second base, that way I'll have a spare if one goes wrong.
    Nothing against Fanatec - tried out the CSR V2 before deciding to cancel my pre-order (had been waiting 5 months at that point) and just order the TX with T3Pa pro pedals and VG28 leather rim. Of course it's nowhere near as gorgeous as the Fanatec gear, but when it comes to FFB, when properly setup I just couldn't really justify the Fanatec price for functionality that's arguably about the same (I'm not a fan of huge forces, I prefer fidelity) as the Fanatec. If you ever get the chance to bind test (your can't see the pretty aluminum case the Fanatec and just using a basic wheel), wearing headphones in a racing game you would be surprised just how similar the feel is.
  4. similar by who's standards ?
  5. I'll leave this conversation right here, no one needs another clash of opinions. To each their own, enjoy what you enjoy. Enough said.
  6. Hello,
    I have the same feeling on my TX. I tried to send it to warranty, they shipped me back a new one (i know its new because the thread of the clamp was slightly damaged on mine) and I still have the same issue. So either I am not very lucky, or this is "normal" TX behaviour :/
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  7. PicoBp

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    This might be the known thing that the motor adjustment screws are not tight enough and that leaves it some movement. Above a big enough force the motor bracket jumps to the other end of its adjustment hole, causing a felt and heard bump in the wheel.
  8. SOLO59


    I've had mine since December... Haven't notice clicking sounds... Fingers crossed though... Loving the wheel coming from g27. Still have the g27 as back up though
  9. It's not normal.
    I'm awaiting the RMA to repair mine, but since I figured Thrustmaster were likely to be slow, I bought another servo base. No clicking issues.